Hillary campaign manager: ‘I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans’

by Source: wnd.com There long has been evidence of Hillary Clinton’s sense of entitlement – the stories of her ordering Secret Service officers to carry her bags, her unabashed demands for hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches, her insistence on specific travel accommodations and much more. Now there’s evidence of exactly what she thinks of the average […]

Email shows Hillary camp’s fears about Bill’s sex scandals

by Source: wnd.com NEW YORK – An email in a new batch of hacked documents released Monday by WikiLeaks shows the concern of some Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers about the impact her husband’s voluminous sex scandals have on her bid for the White House. An email to John Podesta – among more than 2,000 released […]

Police State, USA: No ‘praying’ in own home

by Source: wnd.com A stunning claim that police officers in Louisburg, Kansas, ordered a woman to stop praying inside her home has been elevated to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a district judge dismissed the complaint out of hand. The case is being handled now by lawyers with First Liberty Institute after […]

Ex-DOJ official: ‘Comey has to go’

by Source: wnd.com Former Justice Department official Victoria Toensing says more and more evidence shows FBI Director James Comey made basic errors in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, and many FBI personnel believe his conduct has embarrassed the bureau. In July, Comey offered a long list of poor decisions and “extremely […]

Haitian activist displays great courage to back Trump

by Source: wnd.com Ezili Danto (MargariteLaurent.com) NEW YORK – WND’s feature of acclaimed Haitian-rights activist Ézili Dantò’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president has prompted a flood of sharply critical mail from self-described Haitian Hillary Clinton supporters who accuse Dantò, among other things, of selling out to Republicans. One critic warned Danto she is committing […]

Secret’s out: Here’s why Hillary isn’t ’50 points ahead’

by Source: wnd.com Hillary Clinton urged organized labor officials and members to rally to her cause, promising to be a fierce opponent of the Right to Work movement and warning that Donald Trump is “100 percent” supportive of it. The Democratic Party presidential nominee made the comments in a video message to the Laborers International […]

Bachmann: Minnesota learns no lessons from mall attack

by Source: wnd.com Minnesota’s St. Cloud community is still reeling from Saturday’s knife attacks that injured 10 people and caused panic at the Crossroads Center Mall on Saturday, a day that police chief William Anderson said changed the city forever. But did it? The city of 67,000 people sits 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It […]

‘Smoking gun’ found in Hillary’s email?

by Source: wnd.com There may have been found a “smoking gun” in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, as new reports on Tuesday document that an aide apparently had asked the online community about the best process for stripping out IDs from archived emails. Talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh immediately credited the Reddit community for the discovery of […]

Syrians say fatal strike by U.S. jets deliberate

by Source: wnd.com An air strike made up of coalition of nations but led by the U.S. that reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers over the weekend has prompted a number of moves, including an emergency meeting of the U.S. Security Council. The incident, according to reports, has threatened the ceasefire that had been in […]

GOP leaders ‘afraid’ to take on Obama, IRS

by Source: wnd.com House conservatives are making the case for the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen ahead of Thursday’s debate, and one of them is also blasting Republican leaders for failing to hold Obama administration official accountable for anything and even being “afraid” of the administration. On Tuesday, Reps. John Fleming, R-La., and Tim […]