French Should Expose Government Not Islam Over Neo-Gladio Provocations

by Source: How should France answer to the horror in Nice? The country is now deeply entrenched in a long-term war with few hopes of dodging future attacks. The anger of the French population is understandable. But booing a prime minister at the commemoration ceremony for the loss of innocent lives is not the […]

War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think

by Source: On the surface, things seem pretty quiet in mid-July 2016.  The biggest news stories are about the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, the stock market in the U.S. keeps setting new all-time record highs, and the media seems completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s love life.  But underneath the surface, […]

Is Planet Earth About To Die: Special Report

by Source: Alex Jones covers the fact that Western media has failed to broadcast Putin’s warning to humanity about nuclear war with the West and NATO. Coupled with the general public’s growing departure from political awareness and the government’s growing hubris, the geopolitical danger unfolding at current is beyond levels even seen during the […]

Anthony Wile: Brexit Is Part of Internet Reformation Building Around the World

by Source: After years of struggle against the EU, which we documented at The Daily Bell, anti-EU forces have finally removed Britain from the European Union. The tribes of Britain were the first to make the jump back into fuller nationhood. But there will be other countries trying as well. It’s a great day for Britain and a good […]