US East Coast plagued by rainfalls & gusty winds (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

by Source: Life-threatening flooding from days of lashing rain along the East Coast has washed out bridges and swept away homes in the US. The weather service has issued a warning for residents living along the coast to be alert for rising water. Forecasters have warned that gusty winds raging at 35mph could down […]

Not so fast: U.S. still world’s biggest economy

by Source: NEW YORK – Has the Chinese economy really overtaken the U.S. economy as the world’s biggest? Economists say it all depends on the metric used to measure the two economies. Jeffrey Frankel, a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, who served as a member of President Bill Clinton’s Council […]

As U.S. Slowly Exits Afghanistan, Communist China Steps In

by Source: Rather than “making the world safe for democracy,” Washington, D.C., seems to be doing a much better job at making the world safe for the tyrants in Beijing. With most U.S. troops supposedly on the verge of leaving the dubious new Afghan regime to stand (or crumble) largely on its own, the […]