In Bid for Power, UN Communist Offers Obama a UN “Peace” Prize

by Source: In a major embarrassment for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), its chief, and the UN more broadly, a controversial UNESCO “peace” prize named after an African dictator was awarded to President Barack Obama in what insiders say is just the latest instance of corruption at the scandal-plagued UN […]

UN Move Toward World Government With First-Ever Globally Televised Leadership Debate

by Source: 10 candidates for next UN chief to be in “globally televised” debate  … Ten of the 12 candidates who have announced their bids to replace UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will take part in a first-ever “globally televised” debate, President Mogens Lykketoft of the General Assembly said here Monday.  – The UN […]

UN Child-abuse Whistleblower Skeptical That Ethics Can Return to UN

by Source: Ethics at the United Nations are long gone, assuming they were ever there. And Anders Kompass (shown), the UN whistleblower who exposed international “peacekeeping” troops raping and exploiting young children in Africa, is now skeptical that ethical behavior can be resurrected at the organization, he admitted. In a long piece explaining his […]

United Nations Announces Massive Pro-War Propaganda “Framework”

by Source: Back in October 2013, Infowars reported on a meeting held by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna. A document released during the conference focused on how terrorists and other criminals use the internet for nefarious purposes. This is possible, the UNODC claimed, because there “is the lack of […]

UN Attacks U.S. Journalist Known for Exposing UN Corruption

by Source: The United Nations, which styles itself a champion of what it calls “human rights,” is once again under fire for brazenly trampling fundamental rights — this time on freedom of the press, yet again. After sparking a global scandal last year with its bizarre efforts to imprison a TV journalist for her […]

Obama Administration: A UN Resolution That Would Divide Israel And Jerusalem Is Back In Play

by Source: According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House is considering drastic measures to reboot the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  Among those measures is a UN Security Council resolution that would set the parameters for a two state solution and that would recognize East Jerusalem as the official capital of a Palestinian state.  If […]

U.S. Lawmakers Vow to Protect UN Whistleblowers

by Source: WASHINGTON, D.C. — During and after an explosive congressional hearing into what was described as “outrageous” United Nations retaliation against whistleblowers, U.S. lawmakers vowed to protect UN officials who expose wrongdoing — even if securing reforms means slashing American funding to the international organization. Congress also heard a variety of suggestions last […]

UN Persecution of Whistleblowers Shocks U.S. Congress

by Source: WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United Nations’ persecution of whistle-blowers who expose wrongdoing at the international outfit and its agencies is a major threat, said shocked U.S. lawmakers and former UN officials during a congressional hearing this week investigating the issue. But despite the seriousness of the offenses, this is hardly the first […]

UN Exploits Zika Virus to Push Abortion in Pro-Life Nations

by Source: The United Nations is exploiting hysteria over the Zika virus to wage war on babies, stepping up its efforts to legalize abortion across pro-life Latin American nations where the killing of unborn children mostly remains a serious crime. While stoking fears over the virus, the UN is even claiming that what it […]

In Paris, UN Approves Draconian Global “Climate” Regime

by Source: PARIS — After two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations COP21 global-warming summit, governments and dictatorships from around the world agreed to a massive deal to shackle the planet in the name of saving it. Among other goals, the pseudo-treaty aims to restructure the global economy, completely phase out cheap and […]