TSA training to arm its agents with guns at airports

by Source: naturalnews.com They are some of the worst functionaries of the federal government and part of an agency that is roundly reviled, but soon, it appears, they will be armed, even as agents of changed within Congress and the Obama Administration work feverishly to take guns away from American citizens. As and Truthstream Media […]

TSA Demands Internal Passport For Domestic Travel

by Source: oathkeepers.org Those who seek to control our lives never give up. They may be prevented at a given point, but they will always continue to seek more and more control over us. It is the nature of power. Those who seek power never are content they have enough. Real ID is just such […]

Man sues TSA for spilling his mother's ashes in suitcase

by Source: rt.com The difficult journey to say goodbye to his mother turned horrific for an Ohio man after Transportation Security Agency inspectors opened the urn holding her cremated remains and spilled them into his suitcase. Now he’s suing the TSA. Shannon Thomas filed a lawsuit in Cleveland’s federal court on Thursday over the October […]

Man Humiliated by TSA After Cologne Sets Off Bomb Detector

by Source: infowars.com A man was humiliated in front of his family by the TSA at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport after his cologne set off an explosive detector. Jean Marie Occean was traveling with his wife and young daughter when the TSA ordered him into a private room after his hands tested positive for explosive chemicals. […]

Former Cop Arrested Over Anti-TSA Protest on Public Property

by Source: infowars.com A former law enforcement officer was arrested, denied medical aid and had his cameras stolen after staging an anti-TSA protest on public property in Jacksonville earlier this week. Michale Hoffman, who worked for two-and-a-half years at Wicomico County Department of Corrections in Maryland, staged the protest half a mile away from Jacksonville […]

TSA Lets Illegals Fly Without ID, Harasses Mom Over Breast Milk

by Source: infowars.com While the TSA is perfectly content to let illegal aliens (and by extension potential terrorists) fly without any proper form of ID, American moms like Nicole Moberg are being harassed over their breast milk. On Friday it emerged that the TSA was allowing illegal aliens to fly on commercial airliners inside the […]

Air travel prices in US to climb as TSA fees increase

by Source: rt.com Air travel in the US is set to become more expensive beginning next week – but airline profits and jet fuel costs aren’t to blame this time. Instead, the price hike will come as a result of a TSA fee increase. The Transportation Security Administration’s fee – known as the ‘Civil Aviation […]

This Will End the TSA

by Source: infowars.com Instead of protecting Americans from al-Qaeda and other malefactors and boogiemen over-hyped by the establishment media, the massive agency created in the wake of the 9/11 functions now primarily to intimidate Americans, acclimate them to endless police state Gestapo behavior, train them to submit to control freak authority and, most recently, function […]