Obama vs Romney on foreign policy: Which one is which again?

by Source: rt.com President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are neck-and-neck in the polls on the eve of the last debate. When the questions turn to foreign policy, though, will either candidate be able to prove they’re a real alternative to the other? During Monday evening’s final face-off between the two major-party candidates, questions […]

Obama And Romney Both Favor A One World Economic System That Kills American Jobs

by Source: theeconomiccollapseblog.com Either way this election turns out, American jobs are going to continue to get slaughtered by the millions.  During this campaign, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have both attempted to portray each other as the “outsourcer in chief“.  Unfortunately, they are both right.  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both participated in […]

Romney’s base: Obese, illiterate tea partiers?

by Source: wnd.com Mitt Romney’s “base” has been depicted as an overweight, nearly illiterate, sweating woman with hairy legs holding a sign asking to see President “Obummerz” birth certificate. Romney himself is shown as a sexist, with his hand nearly caressing the breasts of a more attractive, skinnier woman depicted as “the center.” The vile […]

Romney team mum on surge in polls

by Source: wnd.com TRAVELING WITH THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN – Romney campaign officials have been surprisingly mum on the candidate’s recent surge in the polls, which continues despite a general consensus among establishment media that Obama won the second debate. Yesterday, the Romney team quietly prepared the candidate to gently deliver well-timed zings at President Obama […]

50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins

by Source: endoftheamericandream.com Will cities all over America erupt in violence if Mitt Romney wins the election?  Right now we are probably witnessing the most divisive campaign in modern U.S. history, and both sides truly hate one another.  Even CNN is running articles about how polarized politics in America has become and how vicious both […]

Obama Supporters Continue to Threaten Riots If Romney Wins

by Source: infowars.com Despite Obama front groups like Think Progress desperately attempting to deny the legitimacy of the issue, Twitter continues to be flooded with threats by Obama supporters to riot if Mitt Romney wins the election. As we reported earlier, not only are Obama supporters threatening to cause mayhem in American cities if Obama […]

Candidates go for the jugular

by Source: wnd.com HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – In a showdown that analysts predict could tip the scale in the race for the White House, Obama and Romney hammered one another on topics such as unemployment, taxes, gas prices, health care, immigration policy, guns and the recent attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. CNN’s Candy […]

Obama or Romney: War and Economic Collapse Regardless Who Wins the Election

by Source: infowars.com CNN is making a big deal out of Romney’s “right leaning” supporters. The corporate media branch of the Pentagon’s psyops program thinks there’s a good chance these “severely conservative” voters may push Romney over the top and get him installed in the White House as preeminent teleprompter reader for the global elite. […]

'Dishwashgate'? Ryan falls from frying pan to fire

by Source: rt.com Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan’s gaffe in an Ohio soup-kitchen has handed the democrats a campaign gift and given the media a new -gate. Dishwatergate. ­The ‘sink-tank’ PR stunt is backfiring allover Ryan after it emerged that his team ram-rodded their way in to the charity kitchen without permission and then ‘faked’ […]

Ryan and Biden: No Difference On Iran

by Source: infowars.com During the vice presidential debate on Thursday, Ryan and Biden argued over sanctions imposed on Iran in response to its unsubstantiated nuclear weapons program. “When Barack Obama was elected, [Iran] had enough fissile material – nuclear material to make one bomb,” Ryan said. “Now they have enough for five. They’re racing toward […]