Romney won’t run for president again

by Source: Conservatives and tea-party groups across America gearing up for the 2016 presidential election and a shakeup of the GOP learned Friday they would have one less hill to climb with Mitt Romney – the former Massachusetts governor whose Romneycare plan was a model for Obamacare – announcing he won’t run. The New York Times […]

Marco Rubio ‘being Romneyed by media’

by Source: A question about the age of Planet Earth is turning into a media feeding frenzy against Sen. Marco Rubio ever since the Florida Republican said he was not a scientist and didn’t think he was qualified to answer such a question. In an interview with GQ magazine, Rubio, who many think may […]

To Romney and the GOP Elites: What Goes Around Comes Around

by Source: Ron Holland On November 6th a large percentage of the Ron Paul supporters (10% of the GOP electorate) in the primary season exited the corrupt GOP voting process, stayed home, watched our television screens (like I did) and followed through with our warning to the GOP establishment. No Paul = No Vote […]

GOP snatches defeat from jaws of victory

by Source: By Chelsea Schilling and Jerome Corsi American voters have voted to keep President Barack Obama in the White House for four more years, as Obama collected at least 303 Electoral votes, more than the 270 needed to win. After calling Obama to congratulate him, Republican challenger Mitt Romney declared, “This is a […]

Obama Reelected, Democrats Keep Senate, GOP Keeps House

by Source: President Obama’s reelection appears certain in the Electoral College after Tuesday’s election, though the winner of the popular vote remains unclear as of late Tuesday evening. President Obama appears likely to win more than 300 electoral votes, far more than the 270 needed for reelection. As of late Tuesday evening, Romney remained in control […]

Explosive video indictment of Obama rocks YouTube

by Source: In what could be the most stunning video indictment of President Obama and his administration’s policies this election year, a YouTube video reveals the fallout of the “hope” and “change” Obama promised in 2008. YouTube user TheVisualEdge explained that he assembled the seven-minute video, “Conservatism is Calling,” “to get people excited about […]

Choosing Obama or Romney: Switching Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

by Source: When asked on October 22 during the final presidential debate what he thought about the use of drones, Mitt Romney responded: Well I believe we should use any and all means necessary to take out people who pose a threat to us and our friends around the world. And it’s widely reported […]

'Wall St. favors Romney due to anger over Obama 'fat cats' remark'

by Source: Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney get money from Wall Street, however, most big bankers support Romney. Even though Obama bailed them out, they remember the president’s “fat cat” remarks, The Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel told RT. RT:Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of Nation magazine, it’s great to have you with […]

Romney presses Obama in major address on economy

by Source: TRAVELING WITH THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN – In a major policy address, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney presented his vision for achieving genuine economic growth in the next four years, while charging Barack Obama with a record of failure in his stewardship of the economy. The speech in Ames, Iowa, today not only […]