Arkansas legalizes sale of raw milk directly from farms

by Source: Steadfast efforts to end the senseless prohibition of raw milk sales in Arkansas have finally been successful, at least in a somewhat limited sense. Residents living in the Natural State will now be able to purchase raw milk directly from the farms where it is produced, thanks to the recent passage of […]

Iowa on verge of legalizing raw milk; resistance to food tyranny is rising

by Source: Iowa is on the verge of legalizing raw milk sales from dairy farms, and legislation has been introduced for that purpose. Raw milk is currently illegal to sell across most of the United States of America, the “land of the free” where freedom has been systematically crushed by oppressive government. Cuba doesn’t […]

When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers…

by Source: Ron Paul While I oppose most gun control proposals, there is one group of Americans I do believe should be disarmed: federal agents. The use of force by federal agents to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws is one of the major, albeit overlooked, threats to liberty. Too often Americans are victimized by […]

Texas forces raw milk dairy to waste 700 gallons of perfectly good milk

by Source: Raiding small dairy farms for selling raw milk has become an active form of state terrorism throughout North America. The farms are usually small and the farmers are not well off. Yet they’re often shut down with short or no notice and forced to destroy or give up their raw dairy products […]

Raw milk man James Stewart retains law group, motion to dismiss all charges being reviewed Monday

by Source: California “raw milk man” James Stewart, who has been persecuted by California officials for his “crime” of distributing unpasteurized milk, is currently held in Ventura county jails. Yesterday, he met with his new legal team, led by Matt Bromund of the Bromund Law Group in Ventura ( Bromund, who has also represented […]

Mark McAfee explains last night’s bounty hunter arrest of James Stewart in Ventura county

by Source: Following the mysterious arrest / seizure of James Stewart, the 65-year-old “raw milk man” in California, questions immediately surfaced about why the bounty hunters were sent after him, who set up the bounty hunters to find him, and why was James mentioning Mark McAfee in the video: See last night’s article […]

Not a single Democrat voted in favor of ending FDA raids on raw milk farmers

by Source: Here’s some news for those who still somehow believe the political left in Washington cares about the People. After U.S. Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment that would have ended armed FDA raids on raw milk farmers ( and legalized free speech about the curative properties of medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements and […]