Sioux tribe wins partial halt to Dakota pipeline in federal court

by Source: The Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s request for a temporary stop work order on the Dakota Access Pipeline has been granted by a federal judge. Sacred sites in North Dakota were bulldozed over the weekend, a day after the tribe identified them in court papers. Energy Transfer Partners is trying to construct a […]

Over 30 activists arrested over Dakota oil pipeline protests

by Source: More arrests have been made in North Dakota and have started taking place in Iowa over the proposed construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. Since protests began several months ago, more than 60 people have been arrested. Over 100 protesters took a stand against the pipeline in Boone, Iowa on Wednesday, […]

Wake Up Generation Y! We CAN Make a Difference!

by Source: Wake up Generation Y! We CAN make a difference! (We’re the same age as many who signed the Declaration on Independence.) Generation Y — those of us born between 1980 and 1994, myself included, are a unique bunch. The older half of us were the last generation to have a childhood without […]

This is what governments do to people who try to change the world

by Source: Creator of online money Liberty Reserve gets 20 years in prison … Before the virtual currency Bitcoin there was Liberty Reserve — and its founder just got sentenced to 20 years in prison. Arthur Budovsky, 42, ran an online digital money business out of Costa Rica called Liberty Reserve. The U.S. government […]

400+ arrested as Democracy Spring calls for fairer elections, no more money in politics

by Source: At least 400 people have been arrested in Washington, DC after the Democracy Spring march and sit-in at the US Capitol building. Protesters focused their demands on creating fairer elections and politics that are unmarred by corporations’ big bucks. Estimated 500 activists #DemocracySpring arrested outside the US Capitol in #DC today […]

Finicum Family National Support Rallies this weekend.

by Source: Yesterday just before my show I was contacted by my friend and fellow patriot Jordan Page. Jordan let me know he will be playing at the upcoming rally in Salt Lake City, Utah. He asked me if I could help to get word out about this upcoming weekends events. Specifically, the national […]

Riot police fire tear gas at farmers’ demonstration in France

by Source: French farmers clashed with riot police in the city of Laval located in the western part of the country, as officers fired tear gas at egg-throwing demonstrators. Activists began the protest at 9:30 pm local time on the “Europe” bridge in Laval. Several farmers were taken into custody, according to local media. […]