CDC ‘lying’ to public about Ebola, doctor says

by Source: A Missouri physician is accusing the Centers for Disease Control of being “derelict in its duty,” saying the agency is not leveling with the public about the potential for Ebola to spread in the United States. Dr. Gil Mobley says there has been a lack of planning on the CDC’s part to […]

The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media

by Source: All the disinformation being spread about Ebola by the U.S. government and the complicit mass media will unfortunately make the Ebola pandemic far worse. That’s because the public isn’t being told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how individuals can help prevent transmission of the disease. At every level of media […]

Sandy Hook commission blames homeschooling

by Source: Adam Lanza, 20, has been described as being “dark and disturbed” before his death. He coldly murdered his own mother in their expensive home near Newtown, Connecticut. Then he took her legally registered guns to the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot and killed 20 children and six adults. Then he […]

Using Propaganda To Create New Paradigms – Part One

by Source: by Shorty Dawkins Reuters has published an article, (Putin may have passed point of no-return over Ukraine), that is a perfect example of propaganda, using Saul Alinsky tactics. I will include my comments in [SD], as I point out the grossness of the propaganda. The article begins: (Reuters) – Vladimir Putin risks […]

First Lady of Guatemala: Illegal Immigrants Not Refugees Escaping Violence

by Source: Rosa Leal de Pérez, the first lady of Guatemala, believes the influx of illegal immigrant children into the United States has nothing to do with violence. Ms. Pérez said the reason thousands of unattended children are fleeing north is to be reunited with their families in the United States. She said U.S. […]

Dems Defend Obama’s Politically Calculated Release of Terrorists

by Source: Sunday news shows were ground zero for Democrats defending President Obama’s decision to circumvent the law by releasing high-level al Qaeda terrorists to secure the release of captured Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban custody. In a politically calculated move, the White House deployed top Democrats armed with carefully crafted talking points to push […]

MSM Pushes Doomsday Arctic Ice Sheet Propaganda

by Source: Scaremongering headlines about the “collapse” of the the Antarctic ice sheet omitted the fact that such an event isn’t predicted to happen for as much as 1,000 years, underscoring once again how the mass media grossly exaggerates the threat posed by global warming. On Monday, the Guardian reported that the “Western Antarctic ice sheet […]

In Defense of a Progressive Tax System … Not

by Source: The lost promise of progressive taxes … By midnight on April 15, roughly 140 million Americans will have filed their federal income tax returns and breathed a sigh of relief. Politicians from both parties, however, will spend most of the day criticizing our current tax system. – Reuters Dominant Social Theme: Tax […]