Hacked Docs Expose Soros-Obama-UN Refugee Invasion Network

by Source: thenewamerican.com Secret internal reports and memos by one of George Soros’s left-wing front groups reveals the socialist billionaire’s subversive reach within the Obama administration, the United Nations, and the governing structures European Union, especially as it relates to the manufactured refugee/migration crisis. Among the many noteworthy points made by Soros activists in one […]

Judge blocks Obama’s transgenders-schools mandate

by Source: wnd.com In a huge blow to the Obama administration’s alternative sexual behaviors agenda, a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction – covering the entire nation – that halts the president’s mandate that public schools open their restrooms, shower rooms and more essentially to all – allowing boys who say they are girls […]

Obama Administration Plotting to Usurp Control Over Elections

by Source: thenewamerican.com Under the guise of providing increased “security” for “critical infrastructure,” the Obama administration is plotting to insert itself and the federal government into the American elections process. While voting is constitutionally the responsibility of state and local officials, Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, pointed to the alleged threat of cyberattacks to […]

Obama appointee accused of beating autistic man over Redskins sweater

by Source: wnd.com A Native-American autistic man says an Obama appointee in the Department of Education called him a “weetard,” spat on him and savagely beat him – to the point where he needed three surgeries – because he wore a Washington Redskins sweater. Barrett Dahl, 28, said he attended a Native American event in […]

Obama Decree Targets Gunsmiths and Online Firearm Information

by Source: thenewamerican.com When Obama vowed to use his “pen and phone” to circumvent Congress and impose his will on America, he was actually telling the truth for once. In the latest example of lawless decrees coming from the executive branch, the Obama administration is taking aim at gunsmiths and free speech. Basically, if a […]

‘We are in the death spiral’

by Source: wnd.com As another major health insurance company exits the vast majority of Obamacare exchanges and many U.S. states are forecasting massive premium increases later this year, a leading health care expert says the Obamacare death spiral is already beginning. Late Monday, Aetna announced it was pulling out of Obamacare exchanges in all but […]

CBD chaos: DEA’s refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government

by Source: naturalnews.com Obama’s war on humanity just took another great leap toward totalitarian despotism with last week’s DEA decision to deny petitions seeking to reclassify medical marijuana as a non-schedule I drug. This decision means that any person possessing natural CBD (cannabidiol) compounds derived from hemp leaves, including CBG, CBN, CBD-A and other similar […]

Obama Releases Details of Mass-murder by Drone Program

by Source: thenewamerican.com The Obama administration quietly released more information on its illegal mass-murder-via-drone program, in which the White House unilaterally creates a list of people around the world to assassinate without charges, trial, or even a semblance of due process. Thousands of victims have already been executed by Obama under the program. The latest […]

U.S. Anger At Israel Could Result In A UN Security Council Resolution Establishing A Palestinian State

by Source: endoftheamericandream.com The Obama administration is absolutely furious with Israel. At the end of July, the U.S. State Department issued a scathing press statement in which it publicly rebuked the government for Israel for “settlement activity” in East Jerusalem which the Obama administration considers to be “corrosive to the cause of peace”. There has […]

Outrage After Obama Accused of Paying Ransom to Iranian Mullahs

by Source: thenewamerican.com Outrage is growing nationwide, and especially in Congress, after the Obama administration was exposed paying what is alleged to be an illegal $400 million cash ransom to the totalitarian Islamist rulers of Iran in exchange for four captured Americans. Republican lawmakers blasted the White House, saying the supposed appeasement of the Iranian […]