New NDAA Bolsters Guantanamo-Style Indefinite Detention For Americans

by Source: This article was written by Chris Anders and originally published at Top senators thought you wouldn’t notice. Behind closed doors, they wrote up new indefinite detention and Guantánamo provisions in the annual defense policy bill, and then waited 11 days to quietly file the bill. But we now have the bill, […]

It’s Not Just Obama That’s Screwing America: Congress Reaffirms NDAA

by Source: This article was written by M.D. Creekmore and originally published at That’s right folks, it isn’t just our fearless leader B.O. that’s wiping his butt on the Constitution and the Bill of rights, it’s congress too, and before you go off blaming the democrats, no matter how evil they are, I […]

Supreme Court green lights detention of Americans

by Source: A decision from the U.S. Supreme Court means the federal government now has an open door to “detain as a threat to national security anyone viewed as a troublemaker,” critics of the high court’s ruling said. The high court by its own order this week refused to review an appellate-level decision that […]

DOJ Seeks Dismissal of Case Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention

by Source: Days ago, the Obama administration demonstrated its dedication to the indefinite detention of Americans, as authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by submitting a brief asking a federal judge to throw out a case challenging the constitutionality of that provision. Among other astonishing arguments made by the Justice Department, this […]

Emmett, Idaho, Nullifies Indefinite Detention of NDAA

by Source: Another American town has decided its citizens will not be denied due process by the president of the United States. By a vote of 5-1, the city council of Emmett, Idaho, passed a resolution last month prohibiting the enforcement of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). […]

“I’m Just A Mom” – Update

by Source: We posted a video of Daphne Lee, (I also wrote an article about her, here),who was speaking for her resolution opposing the “Indefinite detention provisions” in the NDAA. It was a very impassioned speech that went viral on the internet. Well, she seems to have had an effect on the County delegates, […]

Congress Rushing to Approve 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

by Source: The House and Senate Armed Services Committees have reached an agreement on the fiscal year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). As approved by the committees, the text of the latest iteration of the bill is derived from H.R. 1960, which passed the House on June 14 by a vote of 315-108 […]

Oxford, Mass., Adopts Anti-NDAA Resolution

by Source: A congressman other than Justin Amash has come out against the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). On November 8, senior Democratic Whip Representative James P. McGovern (D-Mass.) sent a letter to leaders of the town of Oxford, Massachusetts, praising them for their passage of a resolution repealing […]

Oregon Oath Keepers Moving Against NDAA

by Source: Klamath County Commission resolves anti-NDAA stance to protect County citizens. Oath Keepers wishes to acknowledge the efforts of two key members in Oregon. Tom McKirgan is a busy man, as you shall see. His work with Oregon’s PANDA people, despite failing to please PANDA national’s highest expectations, has produced the first Oregon […]

Calif. Condemns “Indefinite Detention”

by Source: Calif. achieved a tremendous victory yesterday when a coalition of grassroots’ efforts managed to persuade Gov. Jerry Brown to sign into law the “California Liberty Preservation Act,” also known as AB-351 and “Habeas Corpus.” Photo: Dave 77459 via Flickr AB-351, which was first introduced by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly in Feb., rejects the […]