Bloomberg: Abolish Cash to Create a Freer Market

by Source: Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash … If you believe that government meddling in financial markets was responsible for the last recession and the lackluster recovery, you might be right. But probably not in the way you think.  – Bloomberg Some Bloomberg editorials are stranger than others. This one is especially strange […]

The Real Opportunity Cost of Rebuilding National Infrastructure

by Source: Fixing America’s Roads Is a Great Opportunity … Many politicians and commentators are calling for a big burst of spending on infrastructure. On his blog, my esteemed Bloomberg View colleague Tyler Cowen raises an interesting question: What is the opportunity cost of government spending — that is, what is the value of […]

History Repeats: Cannabis Investors Would Be Wise to Remember That

by Source: As most readers of The Daily Bell are well aware, we at High Alert Investment Management are actively involved in investing in what we believe are the best opportunities for developing significant wealth over the next several years in the global cannabis industry as it continues to whiten. What I mean by […]

Democracy and Baboons

by Source: Perhaps baboons should run for office. Researchers tracking a troop of wild olive baboons have found that the primates make travel decisions democratically when disagreements arise over which direction to go. The findings, published in the journal Science, could help shed light on the evolution of group decision-making in a variety of […]

Attention Millennials: Daddy Warbucks Wants You!

by Source: I know a better way to fight ISIS. It starts with an idea that should appeal the better angels of both hawks and doves: National service for all 18- to 28-year-olds. Require virtually every young American—the civic-minded millennial generation—to complete a year of service through programs such as Teach for America, AmeriCorps, […]

‘Production Versus Plunder’ ~ Part 8

by Source: The cynical dictum, one sows, another reaps, is sometimes true in real life, but it has been burned into our history books. In some primary instances, usurpers have, famously, been given credit for what they did not create, but rather destroyed. Continued from last week … LANGUAGE One final issue of importance was […]

IRS Enlists in the War on Legal Marijuana

by Source: The country’s rapidly growing marijuana industry has a tax problem. Even as more states embrace legal marijuana, shops say they are being forced to pay crippling federal income taxes because of a decades-old law aimed at preventing drug dealers from claiming their smuggling costs and couriers as business expenses on their tax […]

Digital Money Forging Ahead

by Source: Econet Wireless is now allowing group savings on its mobile money platform, EcoCash, a development the company says will reduce risks associated with cash handling. The EcoCash Savings Club will earn interest on “all pooled funds” each month. Saving groups can appoint a chairperson who will undertake the opening of the account […]

Fight the Fed from the Inside

by Source: If you ever wanted to give our nation’s central bank a piece of your mind, now is your chance. That’s because Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is hiring … and she’s taking applications from everyone who wants to apply. On Jan. 16, the Federal Reserve Board announced it is creating a “Community […]

The Right to Bear Virtual Arms

by Source: When is a gun not just a gun? When it’s also constitutionally protected free speech. That is the legal argument being made by Cody Wilson, a Texas man who gained attention two years ago by posting what are believed to be the world’s first online instructions for how to build a 3-D […]