Canada’s Liberal Victory Advances Cannabis Legalization Trend

by Source: The Liberal Party steamrolled to a stunning political comeback Monday night, forming a new, majority government and creating Canada’s first family dynasty at the highest level of national politics as an historic campaign ended with a dramatic bang. The Liberals had collapsed to just 34 seats and third place in the House […]

Why British MPs May Support Legal Cannabis

by Source: Legalising cannabis would raise millions in tax, says government study … Leaked Treasury study, commissioned by the Liberal Democrats while in coalition, says the move would also save £200m a year in court and police costs … In a debate … pro-cannabis MPs argued that the UK should draw on the experience […]

Ohio’s Mystery Marijuana Fans

by Source: Ohio voters will decide this fall whether to legalize marijuana in the Buckeye State for recreational and medical use. ResponsibleOhio’s marijuana legalization constitutional amendment was certified Wednesday by the Ohio secretary of state. It will appear as Issue 3 on the statewide ballot for the general election on Nov. 3. If approved […]

Marijuana Kills Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute

by Source: Cannabis kills cancer, the National Cancer Institute admits. The institute recently updated its ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page about marijuana to include various studies revealing how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow” while also protecting […]

Lollipops and Marshmallows: Another Reason for Cannabis Legalization

by Source: After nearly 20 years on the job, Jim Jeffries, the police chief in LaFollette, Tenn., has seen his share of marijuana seizures — dry green buds stashed in trunks or beneath seats, often double-bagged to smother the distinctive scent. But these days, Chief Jeffries is on the lookout for something unexpected: lollipops […]

UN Drug Czar Attacks U.S. States for Ending Cannabis Prohibition

by Source: With four American states so far having defied the United Nations and the federal government by ending marijuana prohibition, the UN’s army of drug warriors has been meeting in Vienna to plan a response and demand obedience to its global drug-control regime. Uruguay is also in UN crosshairs, with the planetary body’s […]

State Rep. Files Bill Seeking To Legalize Marijuana in Texas

by Source: A Tea Party republican Texas state representative has introduced a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the state level. Labeling the federal war on drugs an “abysmal failure,” Rep. David Simpson of Longview introduced HB 2165 on Monday, a bill seeking to repeal the state’s arrestable marijuana offenses. “The following provisions are repealed,” […]

​Colorado’s first year of legal weed returns less taxes than expected

by Source: Taxes on recreational marijuana netted $44 million for Colorado during the last calendar year, according to new figures released this week. The numbers indicate what other states may reap should they follow the Rocky Mountain State’s lead. The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that new sales tax records just released indicate that […]