DARPA’s ‘Aerial Dragnet’ to monitor low-flying drones in urban areas

by Source: rt.com Amid the rise of drones, or small unmanned aerial systems, DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, is developing technology “to provide persistent, wide-area surveillance of all UAS operating below 1,000 feet in a large city.” The program, known as Aerial Dragnet, is a new effort by the the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency […]

You too can be ‘drone commander’ under FAA’s new rules

by Source: rt.com Federal aviation authorities are about to drop the ban on commercial drone use, opening the door to private UAV operators across the US. Getting approved and certified may still take a while, however, so hold off on those drone pizza deliveries. After years of allowing commercial drone operations only under special dispensation […]

Fear the Reaper: Air Force to spend $370mn on drones

by Source: rt.com The drone formerly known as the Predator B is about to become a bigger part of the US military. With Predator drones looking to retire by 2019, the US Air Force is about to replace them with Reaper drones, at a cost of over $370 million. Read more US nukes ‘safe and […]

Obama Releases Details of Mass-murder by Drone Program

by Source: thenewamerican.com The Obama administration quietly released more information on its illegal mass-murder-via-drone program, in which the White House unilaterally creates a list of people around the world to assassinate without charges, trial, or even a semblance of due process. Thousands of victims have already been executed by Obama under the program. The latest […]

Obama Heartily Laughs About Dropping Bombs on Civilians

by Source: thedailybell.com But I have to say, it’s great, it looks like you’re really enjoying your last year of the presidency. Saw you hanging out with NBA players like Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors. That was cool. That was cool, yeah. You know it kinda makes sense, too, because both of you like raining […]

CIA doesn’t have to disclose info on drone killings, appeals court rules

by Source: rt.com A federal appeals court has rejected a freedom of information lawsuit brought about by the American Civil Liberties Union, ruling that the government doesn’t have to disclose the victims of CIA “targeted killings” by drones. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit last week upheld a lower court’s […]

Startup raises $3 million to bring delinquent drones to the ground

by Source: rt.com San Diego-based startup SkySafe has raised $3 million in seed funding to satisfy a need that may have been inconceivable a decade ago: building technology to disable drones that wander into spaces where they aren’t welcome. The popularity of drones for commercial and recreational use is skyrocketing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) […]

US prepares to hunt enemy submarines with giant sea drone (VIDEO)

by Source: rt.com Pentagon’s research agency DARPA has beefed up the US underwater warfare capabilities by launching a futuristic autonomous drone, designed to hunt down stealthy, silent enemy submarines. The surface anti-submarine Sea Hunter, part of the ACTUV program, has already completed speed tests where it reached a top speed of 27 knots (50 km/h). […]