Silver and Gold May Muddle in August But Fall Could Tell a Different Tale

by Source: Fed Worries Are Crushing Gold and Silver Stocks … Gold slumped today, finishing at its lowest level in a month after investors grew worried that the Fed would signal that interest rates would rise when it meets this week. – Motley Fool Strange that the US central bank can preach increased prosperity at […]

Death toll rises as 6.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Italy

by Source: A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked a swath of central Italy and destroyed four small villages popular with tourists early Wednesday, burying residents under rubble as they slept and killing at least 63 people, including two infants. More than 100 are missing and believed to be trapped under the debris. The temblor hit at 3:36 a.m. local […]

FAITH MONEY and the Coming Collapse: New mini-documentary from the Health Ranger eviscerates govt. economic LIES… watch here

by Source: What you are witnessing in the stock market right now is an artificially induced bubble that’s being desperately engineered to get Hillary Clinton elected in November. After the election, all bets are off, and a massive, systemic collapse of the global debt system is inevitable. That’s because the artificial bubbles we are […]

This Has Been The Worst 12 Months For Floods In U.S. History

by Source: Since last October, the United States has been hit by “historic flood” after “historic flood”, and this latest flooding down in Louisiana that is making headlines all over the world has been caused by a “500 year storm“. Even before some areas of the state received more than 30 inches of rain, […]