DHS admits catastrophic impact of EMP

by Source: wnd.com WASHINGTON – Buried in a 303-page report is an assessment by the Department of Homeland Security that a massive electromagnetic pulse event caused by a solar flare could leave more than 130 million Americans without power for years. In spite of the admission of the cataclysmic consequences of an EMP event, DHS […]

This Will End the TSA

by Source: infowars.com Instead of protecting Americans from al-Qaeda and other malefactors and boogiemen over-hyped by the establishment media, the massive agency created in the wake of the 9/11 functions now primarily to intimidate Americans, acclimate them to endless police state Gestapo behavior, train them to submit to control freak authority and, most recently, function […]

DHS biometric program gets $250 million from Senate

by Source: rt.com A Senate subcommittee this week approved a request from the United States Department of Homeland Security for nearly a quarter-of-a-billion dollars to be used on a state-of-the-art biometric system. On Tuesday, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on DHS green-lighted more than $47 billion to go towards the agency as part of a request […]

.5 Billion Homeland Security Headquarters May Never Be Built

by Source: thenewamerican.com Plans to build a massive new headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security have run up against fiscal reality. Construction is more than $1.5 billion over budget and 11 years behind schedule, and the project may never be completed, the Washington Post reported, based on budget documents and interviews with former and […]

Multi-billion dollar DHS project may never be finished

by Source: rt.com The future of a multi-billion dollar United States Department of Homeland Security project a decade in the making is up in the air, according to new reports. A massive DHS compound under construction on the southeast side of Washington, DC was initially expected to be completed by 2015 at a cost of […]

TSA to pay $75k for banning breast milk at security check

by Source: rt.com The Transportation Security Administration has agreed to pay $75,000 to a California woman for refusing to let her take bottles of breast milk through airport security in 2010, her lawyer said Wednesday. Stacey Armato arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in January 2010 to fly back to Los Angeles, a flight […]

Why Is Homeland Security Paying to Put Cities Under Surveillance?

by Source: thenewamerican.com The drive to use of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants to convert local law enforcement into heavily armed battalions of a nationwide standing army under the command of federal officers marches on. A quick survey of some of the police departments being outfitted by the federal government will expose the extent […]

Homeland Security Exercise Targets “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”

by Source: infowars.com Leaked Homeland Security documents obtained by Infowars reveal details of a joint DHS/FEMA national exercise set to take place this week, one of the components of which revolves around an effort to counter online dissent by a group called “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny,” which is disgruntled at the imposition of martial […]