Congress Mulls Licensing Speech?

by Source: Schumer: Senate has votes for media shield law … A supporter of a bill to protect reporters and the news media from having to reveal confidential sources said Friday the measure has the backing of the Obama administration and the support of enough senators to move ahead this year. Sen. Chuck Schumer […]

Contempt for Congress: Well-deserved

by Source: “I’ve got a pen,” said President Obama early this week. “I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions … that move the ball forward.” “When I can act on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so,” the president added Wednesday at North Carolina State. Thus […]

Allen West: Congress must probe military firings

by Source: WASHINGTON – Former Florida Congressman Allen West is calling for congressional oversight hearings into what he describes as an “alarming trend” of dismissals and firings of high-ranking military officers by the Obama administration, firings that in a number of cases appear to be political. While he wouldn’t assign a particular reason for […]

Mixed Reactions to New Law Reopening Government

by Source: Once the 11th-hour vote to avoid the potential default was passed by the Senate and the House and signed into law by President Obama, key players in the just-ended game of fiscal chicken began issuing their justifications and frustrations. That game, variously called “political brinkmanship,” a “temporary fix,” “a temporary ceasefire,” and […]

Obama asks Congress to delay Syria vote

by Source: The use of the United States military to strike the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — once thought imminent — could be cancelled after the White House asked on Tuesday for Congress to postpone any vote to authorize an attack. Amid a potential deal being brokered by Russia that would require […]

Congress To Cast First Syria Vote On Wednesday

by Source: No Congress has ever turned down a request for war powers from any presidential administration.  It would be surprising, to say the least, if our current mostly corrupt Congress somehow becomes the first… Brandon Smith, Associate Editor Congress is scheduled to cast its first vote on Wednesday on the question of whether […]

Calls to Congress 499 to 1 against Syria war

by Source: By Garth Kant and Chelsea Schilling Americans are slamming at least 22 members of Congress with thousands of phone calls and emails, urging lawmakers not to approve a military strike on Syria – by a margin of as much as 499 to 1. A national debate is raging on Twitter. Tweets and […]

Will Congress Endorse Obama’s War Plans? Does it Matter?

by Source: President Obama announced this weekend that he has decided to use military force against Syria and would seek authorization from Congress when it returned from its August break. Every Member ought to vote against this reckless and immoral use of the US military. But even if every single Member and Senator votes […]