Has Climate-change Rhetoric Backfired?

by Source: thenewamerican.com “I believe climate change is real,” Hillary Clinton asserted in her acceptance speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, while Republican nominee Donald Trump did not mention the issue during his own speech at the Republican National Convention, although he has dismissed human-caused climate change as largely “a hoax.” Senator John McCain, […]

“Libertarian” Gary Johnson Pushes “Free Market” Carbon Tax

by Source: thenewamerican.com Despite a historic opportunity for third parties to do well this presidential election, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson seems determined to blow it. In the equivalent of shooting himself in the political foot, Johnson announced support for a deeply unpopular tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, or CO2, to stop alleged “climate […]

Pressure Builds on Prosecutors Persecuting Climate Skeptics

by Source: thenewamerican.com Oops! The climate-alarmist movement and its armed enforcers have egg all over their face, again. After being warned that they may be breaking federal laws prohibiting criminal conspiracies against constitutionally protected rights, the state prosecutors persecuting skeptics of man-made global-warming alarmism are under growing national pressure to respect the rule of law, […]

What’s the Real Agenda Behind Climate-change Alarmism?

by Source: thenewamerican.com The world leaders and activists who attended the UN Climate Summit in Paris last December are all about saving the world, saving the environment, right? That’s the standard narrative, isn’t it? Well, critics, ourselves included, have insisted that the UN climate agenda is really about power and wealth. More precisely, it is […]

Global Warming Satellite Data Gets Suspicious Makeover

by Source: thenewamerican.com Facing an accelerating implosion of faith in the anthropogenic (man-made) global warming (AGW) theory due in part to satellite data showing more than 18 years of no warming — the great “pause” or “hiatus,” as some put it — one of the satellite data sets has now been adjusted to show a […]

Supreme Court halts Obama’s climate-change plans

by Source: wnd.com The U.S. Supreme Court put the brakes on President Obama’s climate-change agenda on Tuesday. Obama’s regulations on carbon emissions must be put on hold until a litany of lawsuits by 27 states are resolved, the judges ruled. The states argued Obama’s EPA regulations were tantamount to “an unprecedented power grab.” Sign up […]

2015: The Climate Record that Wasn’t

by Source: thenewamerican.com To hear the climate change hysteria at the end of 2015, the apocalypse is nigh upon us. We were told by climatologists and their cheerleaders in the mainstream news media that last year was “the warmest on record,” a claim that those of us who endured the mammoth snowfalls and bitter cold […]

Meet the Climate Realists

by Source: thenewamerican.com Though climate alarmists never tire of demonizing greenhouse gases and “fossil” fuels, hell has no fury equal to the venom they reserve for those maligned as “climate deniers.” “This is treason, and we need to start treating them as traitors,” spat environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the 2007 Live Earth Concert […]

The Global Warming Carbon Regime

by Source: thenewamerican.com “There has never been a global movement to put a price on carbon at this level and with this degree of unison,” World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim declared in an October 19, 2015 press release announcing the establishment of a global Carbon Pricing Panel — a group convened by Kim […]

In Paris, UN Approves Draconian Global “Climate” Regime

by Source: thenewamerican.com PARIS — After two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations COP21 global-warming summit, governments and dictatorships from around the world agreed to a massive deal to shackle the planet in the name of saving it. Among other goals, the pseudo-treaty aims to restructure the global economy, completely phase out cheap and […]