Pharma-hacker reveals how to make your own ‘EpiPen’ for just $30

by Source: The pharmaceutical industry in America is a rigged system that continues to jack up prices, block out competition, and restrict price negotiations for cheaper forms of the same medicine. Americans are left navigating a medical system fraught with greed and control. Simple, effective alternatives to health and well being are never regarded […]

Government is now tracking your medications … No privacy or escape from tyranny

by Source: The digital age is leading to the end of centuries-old constitutional privacy guarantees, as evidenced by the growth of Internet cloud-based data storage and electronic records, both of which are too easily accessible to prying eyes enabled by power-hungry politicians. For instance, most Americans are unaware that state and federal governments are […]

Pharma company Insys marketed opioid drug at high-volume prescribers – lawsuit

by Source: In a lawsuit filed by the state of Illinois, Insys Therapeutics Inc. has been accused of deceptive marketing practices involving a cancer drug and using “sham” speaking events to target doctors known to frequently prescribe opioid drugs. The lawsuit filed late last week by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan alleges that Insys […]

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson just sold out to Big Pharma… says children should be forcibly injected with mercury at gunpoint… claims government ‘science’ overrides medical freedom

by Source: Wow, the 2016 Presidential race is getting more bizarre by the day, it seems, and the latest example of people wandering off into la la land is found in libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson. He just announced that whatever chemicals and viral strains the corrupt, scientifically incompetent federal government decides should be […]

Depression scam: Over 92% of antidepressants do not relieve symptoms

by Source: According to a study that is being referred to as one of the most comprehensive comparisons of commonly prescribed antidepressants so far, most of these drugs are ineffective and some might even be unsafe for children and teens who are suffering from major depression. The study, which was published in The Lancet, […]

Big Pharma finds new use for statins in cancer patients, after large study reveals the drug’s benefits were 100 percent fabricated

by Source: As the consensus about statins as cholesterol-lowering “miracle drugs” starts to crack, Big Pharma is doubtless looking for ways to preserve the profitability of the top-earning drug class of all time. Now, a new study in the journal Breast Cancer Research may indicate how statins will soon be marketed: as anti-cancer drugs. […]