Trump misled public about income ‒ records

by Source: New records show that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump misled the public when he claimed he made $694 million last year. Trump’s claims about his wealth, success and finances have been crucial to his voter appeal during his campaign. During the first debate, Trump said that he made $694 million last year, […]

Scandal management: Pentagon spends most of US gov’t PR budget

by Source: By far the greatest share of the US government’s public relations budget – more than all the other agencies combined – is spent by the military, an audit has revealed. While that has helped the Pentagon pitch fancy weapons, it hasn’t managed to make them work. The Department of Defense employs 40 […]

In America, if your parents owe $25, they take your school lunch

by Source: A cafeteria employee for a Pennsylvanian elementary school quit her job after she was forced to take a hot lunch away from a child whose parents had fallen behind the $25 limit for school lunches. Stacy Koltiska says she resigned from Wylandville Elementary in the Canon-McMillan School District last week because she […]

DARPA’s ‘Aerial Dragnet’ to monitor low-flying drones in urban areas

by Source: Amid the rise of drones, or small unmanned aerial systems, DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, is developing technology “to provide persistent, wide-area surveillance of all UAS operating below 1,000 feet in a large city.” The program, known as Aerial Dragnet, is a new effort by the the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency […]

House urges Obama not to pardon Snowden, claims he is ‘not a whistleblower’

by Source: US lawmakers intend to shoot down any hope for pardoning Edward Snowden, claiming that the former NSA contractor is a criminal, not a whistleblower. This comes as prominent human rights organizations launched a campaign to have him pardoned. A letter to President Barack Obama from the House of Representative’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence […]