Victims of Communist Regime Blast Bulgarian Candidate to Lead UN

by Source: In an open letter to members of the United Nations Security Council, victims and political prisoners of the brutal communist regime that enslaved Bulgaria blasted Bulgarian communist and UN Secretary-General candidate Irina Bokova (shown). In addition to highlighting Bokova’s troubling communist background, the Bulgarian victims of communism also criticized a self-styled group […]

Obama-UN Refugee Summit: Huge Push for More Refugees

by Source: Get ready: Here comes the concentrated push for accepting a new flood of refugees/migrants, along with vastly expanded taxpayer funding for refugee/migrant programs both here and worldwide. The hard-sell, tag-team effort by the Obama administration, the United Nations, and their paid NGO “civil society” activists will get underway next week with a […]

University of Iowa Approves Social Justice Degree Program

by Source: In a move that seems to have the potential to set up many students for failure, the University of Iowa has instituted a social justice degree program. The program was approved by the Iowa Board of Regents on Thursday, and is expected to be implemented by the spring of 2017. “The proposed […]

U.S. Lawmakers Call Out State Dept. Backdoor to Gun Control

by Source: Two dozen U.S. senators and over 100 U.S. representatives are standing between the State Department and a backdoor to a federal gun grab, signing their names to to letters addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry alerting him to their awareness of the attempt to disarm Americans. The letters, one from the […]

Interview: Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle

by Source: The New American: Why are you running for president on the Constitution Party ticket? Darrell Castle: I’ve been in the Constitution Party since 1992, when it was founded. It’s really the only political party I’ve ever been associated with. I was drafted and nominated as their candidate this time around, after being […]

Blasting “False Economy,” Trump Takes on the Federal Reserve

by Source: Taking aim at the Federal Reserve’s politically motivated manipulation of the U.S. economy, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the controversial central bank’s artificially low interest rates. He also denounced the “very false economy” propped up by Fed monetary gimmicks. Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, though, hit back immediately, saying Trump should not […]

To Battle “Trolls,” Establishment Wages War on Internet Freedom

by Source: The establishment’s false narratives about the world are imploding in spectacular fashion thanks to the Internet, and the establishment’s propagandists are increasingly being called out for their deception. That has the establishment extremely upset. So upset, in fact, that establishment propagandists and the federal government are busy demonizing online freedom and concocting […]

Ninth Circuit Rules Marijuana Card Holders May Not Own Firearms

by Source: Last Wednesday a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision that holding a marijuana card precludes its owner from keeping and bearing arms. In the process, the panel threw out the First, Second, and Fifth Amendment rights. Rowan Wilson, a Nevada resident who held a […]

UN Killed Thousands of Haitians With Cholera, Claims Immunity

by Source: The United Nations has finally admitted what everyone else already knew: The UN’s scandal-plagued “peacekeeping” troops introduced cholera to Haiti by dumping raw sewage in rivers and canals, killing tens of thousands and making nearly a million more very sick. All of it happened under former President Bill Clinton’s leadership as UN […]

With Obama Support, Santos Gives Colombia to Marxist Terrorists

by Source: As expected, the Colombian Marxist traitor, President Juan Manuel Santos (shown, left), has concluded the peace of the cemetery with the bloody communist guerrillas on August 24, 2016 in Havana, Cuba after nearly four years of negotiations. The agreement is a complete and shameful surrender to the bloody communist rebels of the […]