National Anthem Protests

by Source: When San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick opted to figuratively “stand up” against alleged oppression of black people in America by not standing for the playing of the national anthem in a pre-season game of the National Football League (NFL), it vividly illustrated the cultural divisions that exist in American society. “I […]

Media’s Anti-Trump Bias Obvious in Second Presidential Debate

by Source: The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was yet another exercise in liberal media bias. Almost from the beginning, the tone was clear: Trump would be taken to task and held to answering direct questions while Clinton would be allowed to redirect, obfuscate, and dodge. The pattern held true […]

Has Climate-change Rhetoric Backfired?

by Source: “I believe climate change is real,” Hillary Clinton asserted in her acceptance speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, while Republican nominee Donald Trump did not mention the issue during his own speech at the Republican National Convention, although he has dismissed human-caused climate change as largely “a hoax.” Senator John McCain, […]

Spokane Valley Seeks to Become Second Amendment Sanctuary City

by Source: As some cities are becoming sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, Spokane Valley, Washington, is poised to become a sanctuary city of a different type: one where people committed to the Second Amendment can live without fear of being disarmed. Local TV station KXLY reports: Councilman Caleb Collier said the proposal is meant to […]

Religious Liberty Is Code for Bigotry, Claims Obama Appointee

by Source: The terms “religious freedom” and “religious liberty” are actually just code words for racism, intolerance, sexism, discrimination, and more, according to a radical left-wing activist Obama appointee serving as chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR). In a report released this month on balancing religious freedom with government decrees, the […]

Are We Importing Middle East Terrorism to the United States?

by Source: On September 17, our nation saw violent attacks by natives of two countries where terrorism has a strong presence — the bombings in New York and New Jersey by Ahmad Khan Rahami, a native of Afghanistan, and a knife attack on nine shoppers in a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall by Dahir Adan, […]

East Coast Bomber’s Father Warned Police About His Son in 2014

by Source: In 2014, the East Coast bomber’s father told FBI agents that his son was a terrorist. The father, Mohammad Rahami, told the New York Times: Two years ago I go to the FBI because my son [Ahmad Khan Rahami, shown] was doing really bad, O.K.? But they check almost two months [and] […]

Hilarious Hillary Whine: The Media Are Biased Against Me

by Source: “We’re With Her!” From outright endorsements to covering up her innumerable scandals to relentlessly hounding and attacking her opponent Donald Trump, the mainstream media (MSM) choir has shown that it is “all in” for Hillary Clinton. That is so overwhelmingly obvious — and so easily verifiable — that most reasonable people would consider […]

Americans’ Trust in Media Takes Sharp Dip

by Source: In 1984, this writer witnessed first-hand the bias of the media against Republicans. Former President Gerald Ford had come to Oklahoma to campaign for a Republican presidential candidate Jerry Smith. Obtaining media credentials in my position as editor of Oklahoma’s conservative newspaper The Oklahoma Constitution, I arrived early for the pre-event press […]