‘Hillary health trutherism’ accusation collapses as the conspiracy theories turn out to be TRUE… HuffPost, WashPost, MSNBC, CNN all looking STUPID beyond belief…

by Source: naturalnews.com For months, any writer, blogger or news publisher who dared talk about Hillary Clinton’s collapsing health was denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” or “Hillary health truther.” The strategy is obvious by now: The wholly dishonest and deceitful liberal media was trying to force people to stop discussing Hillary’s collapsing health condition by […]

Government is now tracking your medications … No privacy or escape from tyranny

by Source: naturalnews.com The digital age is leading to the end of centuries-old constitutional privacy guarantees, as evidenced by the growth of Internet cloud-based data storage and electronic records, both of which are too easily accessible to prying eyes enabled by power-hungry politicians. For instance, most Americans are unaware that state and federal governments are […]

Gatorade is going ‘natural’ with certified organic products

by Source: naturalnews.com Gatorade is jumping on the certified organic bandwagon in response to the growing demand for organic food products from consumers, but is the new version really any healthier than its predecessors? Many people, athletes in particular, turn to the beverage to replace the electrolytes lost from sweating, but some health-conscious consumers are […]

Hillary the CHEAT! Clinton caught wearing covert earpiece during last night’s debate with Trump… brazen dishonesty on display yet again

by Source: naturalnews.com The depths of raw deception and dishonesty routinely displayed by Hillary Clinton is nothing short of astonishing. Now we learn that she was wearing a covert earpiece during last night’s town hall debate with Trump. The earpiece, clearly visible in the photo below, is a violation of debate rules, allowing Hillary to […]

Clinton receives millions from Dow Chemical; backs away from effort to ban toxic chemical that harms women

by Source: naturalnews.com Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton embodies all that is wrong with American politics today, as she has proven time and again. One example unearthed just recently involves her policy reversal regarding a dangerous chemical, after the company that manufactures it became a benefactor of the Clintons’ charities. As reported by Breitbart News […]

Many Silicon Valley professionals are microdosing with psilocybin, LSD before work

by Source: naturalnews.com Silicon Valley professionals are experimenting with psychedelics to help manage stress and stay focused throughout the day. Many are now speaking out anonymously about the positive effects of consuming a small dose of LSD or psilocybin every few days before they take on arduous mental tasks. Microdosing is a growing trend in […]