Muslim Man Stabs Female Cop Because She “Represented France,” Police Blame “Psychiatric Disorder”

by Source: A Muslim man stabbed a female police officer in Toulouse because she “represented “France,” but authorities immediately rushed to pin the blame on a “psychiatric disorder” as the motivation behind the attack. The stabbing occurred earlier today in the Rempart Saint-Etienne area when a 31-year-old man Algerian man entered a police station […]

US Army Slide Lists Hillary Clinton as Security Threat

by Source: An alleged U.S. Army training slide is circulating online with an image of Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus listed as “Insider Security Threats” along with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. According to the “U.S. Army W.T.F! moments” Facebook page, who posted a photo of the slide Sunday, the image originally came from […]

VIDEO: Trump Crowd Chants ‘Do Your Job!’ At CNN Crew

by Source: Americans are fed up with the mainstream media. Prior to the start of Donald Trump’s rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Saturday, the crowd chanted “Do your job!” at a crew from CNN. CNN walks in, crowd boos, chants "Do Your Job" – Trump Virginia — Jack Posobiec❌ (@AngryGoTFan) August 21, 2016 […]

Video: Trump Right About $400 Million Ransom To Iran

by Source: Alex Jones breaks down new revelations in the Iran-ransom payment saga, in which the Obama administration admitted to paying $400 million to Iran in return for four US hostages. At a State Department press conference Thursday, spokesman John Kirby confirmed the payment was contingent on Iran agreeing to release the hostages. “In […]

#HillarysStools: Clinton Using Chairs as Crutches in Countless Speeches

by Source: #HillarysStools became a viral trend on Twitter this week after users drew attention to the presidential candidate’s apparent need to be propped up on stools during multiple speeches. Her #leaningstool is never far away. — Red Pill Babe (@redpillbabe) August 16, 2016 The Democrat nominee’s health has come under increased scrutiny […]

Brutal Video: Top Democratic Hillary Supporter Refuses 3 Times To Confirm She Is Honest

by Source: It sure speaks volumes when a top surrogate for Hillary Clinton cannot even confirm the candidate’s honesty. New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, the Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte for the Senate, dodged the question three times in an interview with CNN’s  Manu Raju. Must watch: @Maggie_Hassan refuses 3 TIMES to say if @HillaryClinton is honest & […]