A Second Night Of Riots Rocks Charlotte As America Teeters On The Edge Of Chaos

by Source: endoftheamericandream.com Rioting and civil unrest are becoming a common occurrence in America. The city of Charlotte has been hit by a second night of violence even though authorities are desperately pleading for calm. What sparked the chaos in Charlotte was the shooting of a 43-year-old black man named Keith Lamont Scott. It appears […]

Justifying the Fascism of Hillary’s Pay-for-Play

by Source: thedailybell.com Hillary vs. the Hate Machine: How Clinton Became a Vessel for America’s Fury … Decades of right-wing attacks turned a crusader of women’s rights into a major target of hate  “The underlying thing about Clinton and her candidacy is it’s not normal. Normal is a male candidate, a male voice, a male […]

Protester Killed as Riots Continue in Charlotte

by Source: infowars.com A protester was shot and killed in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wednesday evening during protests over a recent police shooting. Reports indicate that protesters began blaming the incident on law enforcement shortly after but the city of Charlotte denied the claim on Twitter. ALERT: Fatal shot uptown was civilian on civilian. @CMPD did not fire […]

Shilajit heavy metals test results released by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center: HealthForce shows by far the highest in lead and aluminum among brands tested

by Source: naturalnews.com The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has just published heavy metals tests results for eight of the most popular brands of Shilajit, a black tar-like substance that oozes out from between the rocks of mountains. See published results here. Many U.S. dietary supplement consumers are eating Shilajit without having any clue whatsoever about […]

Are We Importing Middle East Terrorism to the United States?

by Source: thenewamerican.com On September 17, our nation saw violent attacks by natives of two countries where terrorism has a strong presence — the bombings in New York and New Jersey by Ahmad Khan Rahami, a native of Afghanistan, and a knife attack on nine shoppers in a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall by Dahir Adan, […]

The “Deplorables” – Who We Are And What We Want

by Source: oathkeepers.org This article comes from Alt-Market.com by Brandon Smith In numerous articles over the past several years I have made observations on a rule of life that I strictly adhere to: that all social conflicts can be boiled down to the reality of two opposing groups — those people who want to control the […]

Bachmann: Minnesota learns no lessons from mall attack

by Source: wnd.com Minnesota’s St. Cloud community is still reeling from Saturday’s knife attacks that injured 10 people and caused panic at the Crossroads Center Mall on Saturday, a day that police chief William Anderson said changed the city forever. But did it? The city of 67,000 people sits 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It […]