The Fed Is an Obvious Conspiracy?

by Source: Brief Trump Says Janet Yellen Is Keeping Interest Rates Low So President Obama Can Play Golf … After months of surprising restraint, Donald Trump has finally started spewing conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve. -Slate Slate writers and editors seem to believe criticism of central banking is “conspiracy theory.” Specifically Donald Trump’s […]

Katie Couric Faces $12 Million Suit for Defaming Gun Owners

by Source: Former NBC journalist Katie Couric is being sued for $12 million by Second Amendment proponents who say she defamed them in her pro-gun control documentary, Under the Gun. Several members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League who appeared in the documentary argue Couric and the movie’s producers “intentionally manipulated” and edited “misleading […]

‘Hillary health trutherism’ accusation collapses as the conspiracy theories turn out to be TRUE… HuffPost, WashPost, MSNBC, CNN all looking STUPID beyond belief…

by Source: For months, any writer, blogger or news publisher who dared talk about Hillary Clinton’s collapsing health was denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” or “Hillary health truther.” The strategy is obvious by now: The wholly dishonest and deceitful liberal media was trying to force people to stop discussing Hillary’s collapsing health condition by […]

Victims of Communist Regime Blast Bulgarian Candidate to Lead UN

by Source: In an open letter to members of the United Nations Security Council, victims and political prisoners of the brutal communist regime that enslaved Bulgaria blasted Bulgarian communist and UN Secretary-General candidate Irina Bokova (shown). In addition to highlighting Bokova’s troubling communist background, the Bulgarian victims of communism also criticized a self-styled group […]

Human rights groups launch campaign seeking pardon for Snowden

by Source: Three leading human rights organization launched a campaign to try and persuade President Barack Obama to pardon National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden of his theft and espionage charges in the US before he leaves office. “Presidents normally take some of the most difficult actions of their eight years in office in […]

House to hold impeachment hearing for IRS chief

by Source: WASHINGTON – In a stunning development, Republican congressional leaders have reversed course and agreed to have the House Judiciary committee hold impeachment proceedings against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. A hearing will be held next Wednesday. House conservatives have been pleading for the hearing for a year. Their sudden victory seems to be […]