Democracy Spring Flops

by Source: Pledges for the Democracy Spring couldn’t handle the weather and went home after just one day. I guess these Sanders supporters thought someone else would march for them and they could just show up in D.C.

Gary Franchi: Idaho Goes Constitution Carry

by Source: I share Gary Franchi’s bewilderment about the fact that it is absurd that any American must have some kind of silly State “permit” to carry their arms either openly or concealed. The Second Amendment, plain and simple, is every law-abiding American’s permit to carry weapons any way they wish. The American public […]

Vietnam War at 50: Have We Learned Nothing?

by Source: Last week Defense Secretary Ashton Carter laid a wreath at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington in commemoration of the “50th anniversary” of that war. The date is confusing, as the war started earlier and ended far later than 1966. But the Vietnam War at 50 commemoration presents a good opportunity to […]

Right-wing radio key to Ted Cruz’s lead in GOP birthplace Wisconsin

by Source: Conservative talk radio, the juggernaut made possible by eliminating the Fairness Doctrine during the Reagan Administration, is still paying dividends for Republicans as candidate Ted Cruz is now leading in the birthplace of his party, Wisconsin. Cruz is currently an average of 6.8 points ahead of his rival, “new” Republican Donald Trump, […]

Is your wooden deck or balcony about to kill you?

by Source: Building inspectors tend to be thorough when a new construction goes up, and the folks who review a structure’s integrity at sale points later also look into corners and crevices most homeowners never see. But after you’ve been in your home awhile, who is making sure features like decks still are safe? When was the […]