Who Is the Enemy Here?

by Source: thedailybell.com Paris attacks: Islamic State claims responsibility, French president Francois Hollande calls it ‘act of war’ … In a statement posted online, IS said the attacks were a response to France’s campaign against its fighters and insults against Islam’s prophet. It said “eight brothers wearing explosive belts and carrying assault rifles” conducted a […]

America Next? Obama Opens Gate for Terror Attack

by Source: infowars.com “An unsecure border with Mexico is the state’s most significant vulnerability as it provides criminals and would-be terrorists from around the world a reliable means to enter Texas and the nation undetected…” – Texas Department of Public Safety, Operation Strong Safety Report Since before the ISIS terror attacks in Paris which claimed […]

Even the liberal New York Times now admits Obamacare prices are skyrocketing

by Source: naturalnews.com Sometimes there is just no pleasure at all in being right. Instead, there is anger and frustration that you weren’t listened to in the first place. That’s what more than a few Obamacare critics are saying these days as all of their worst predictions about the massive, overly bureaucratic law are coming […]

The Spread of Socialism in Seattle

by Source: thenewamerican.com The socialist movement in Seattle, Washington, has not come quietly onto the scene in the form of politicians with clandestine motives slowly changing laws. Socialism in the Emerald City is bursting forth loudly and with pride. The fact that it is being taken quite seriously by many in the Pacific Northwest and […]

Operation Gladio

by Source: oathkeepers.org In trying to make sense of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and to understand ISIS, and why it is that the NATO and the US helped start ISIS (and may, or may not, have lost control of ISIS), a look back  at Operation Gladio is useful. The following BBC video, from […]

TSA fails to detect loaded gun at Atlanta airport

by Source: rt.com A traveler who flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Chicago, Illinois says he accidentally carried a loaded semi-automatic handgun onto his plane his backpack. The Transportation Security Administration did not find the gun during pre-flight screening. Blake Alford said over the weekend that he discovered the gun after he had landed in Chicago […]

Obama admin ‘lied’ about vetting Syrian refugees

by Source: wnd.com The former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence says President Obama has no coherent strategy to defeat ISIS, and he alleges one of Obama’s top advisers “lied to the American people” to perpetuate a misguided program allowing tens of thousands of refugees into the U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes […]