Crisis of Misinformation, Differing Solutions

by Source: The Misinformation Mess … As Americans approach Election Year 2016, the crisis of misinformation is growing more and more dangerous. On issues from foreign policy to the economy, almost none of the candidates in the race appears to be addressing the real world, writes Robert Parry. – ConsortiumNews Dominant Social Theme: False […]

Grocery Store Defies Anti-Gun Movement, Welcomes Open-carry Shoppers

by Source: While other major grocery chains in Texas are opposing the open carry law set to go into effect on January 1, Ohio-based Kroger has no intention to bar its customers from bringing guns into their stores.Grocers like H-E-B, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Randall’s now display appropriate signage informing customers that they “may […]

Three vaccine ‘science’ fraudsters who should probably be (or already have been) in jail: Poul Thorsen, Paul Offit and Henry Miller

by Source: You know the American justice system is in utter shambles when a non-violent, elderly man is sentenced to life in prison for his involvement with the cannabis plant, while corrupt scientists and drug company CEOs who lie about the safety of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, harming and killing thousands of innocent children in […]

Tennessee, South Carolina Could “Green Light” Weaponized Police Drones

by Source: If a pair of bills are passed by lawmakers in South Carolina and Tennessee, law-enforcement agencies in those states could get a green light for weaponizing drones. The Tennessee measure — HB 1456 — is sponsored by state Representative David Byrd; the similar South Carolina bill — HB 4425 — was prefiled […]

Surprise! Many Democrats suddenly wish to pack heat

by Source: Editor’s Note: This is another in a series of reports on the polling by Clout Research, a national opinion research firm in Columbus, Ohio, for WND. Americans are divided politically, right vs. left and Republican vs. Democrat, over race relations, foreign policy, Obamacare, the economy and much more. But probably nowhere is […]

Changing the Fed

by Source: What if saving the economy was the easy part? … If the past seven years have proven anything, it’s that the biggest danger is often the one that no one sees coming. “You have to worry, otherwise you can’t be a central banker,” Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said in a speech […]