Hillary Helps US Mainstream Narrative Disintegrate, but Why?

by Source: thedailybell.com Hillary Clinton abruptly left the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in New York City Sunday morning after feeling “overheated,” according to a campaign statement.   “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the […]

Green Party’s Stein Has Good Idea With New 9/11 Commission

by Source: thedailybell.com Green Party’s Jill Stein Pledges ‘Truth’ About 9/11 Attacks if Elected  … US Green Party Presidential bid Jill Stein claimed that as an elected president she would launch a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks, because the probe carried out during the George W. Bush Administartion “defrauded the nation.” -Sputnik Jill Stein […]

Misunderstanding Libertarianism

by Source: thedailybell.com Thom Hartmann exposes libertarian philosophy for the billionaire scam that it is …  With the major party candidates’ negative ratings at historic highs, millions of Americans are looking to third-party candidates, with libertarian Gary Johnson polling highest among third-party candidates currently. But do libertarians and progressives really see eye to eye on […]

Financial Times: Globalism Is Dying, Even Though It’s the Better Choice

by Source: thedailybell.com The tide of globalisation is turning Trade liberalisation has stalled and one can see a steady rise in protectionist measures  …  Has the tide of globalisation turned? This is a vitally important question. The answer is closely connected to the state of the world economy and the west’s politics.  – Financial Times […]

YouTube Stockholm Syndrome – While the UN Takes Over

by Source: thedailybell.com YouTube says the demonetization is the result of changes to its notification system, and not a reflection of changes in its policies, it’s unclear why DeFranco and other vloggers are just getting flagged on content now even though many of them have been posting similar videos to YouTube for years. DeFranco and […]

Internet Reformation: Has It Progressed?

by Source: thedailybell.com Britain will never leave the European Union (EU) because the process is too complicated, an academic has claimed. His comments prompted UK Independence Party MEPs to warn that Project Fear is “alive and kicking”. -Breitbart With Hillary running for president on an authoritarian platform, Brexit foundering, China restricting websites and wars spreading […]

Bloomberg: Abolish Cash to Create a Freer Market

by Source: thedailybell.com Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash … If you believe that government meddling in financial markets was responsible for the last recession and the lackluster recovery, you might be right. But probably not in the way you think.  – Bloomberg Some Bloomberg editorials are stranger than others. This one is especially strange […]

Don’t Panic Over Election Federalization but Keep a Steady Course

by Source: thedailybell.com Even before the FBI identified new cyberattacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid. – Examiner Usually we cover the dominant social themes […]

Hillary Loses?

by Source: thedailybell.com A record number of Americans now dislike Hillary … Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took aim at the “alt-right” movement that she said is taking over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Hillary Clinton hit her stride after the Democratic National Convention, riding to a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in some […]