Tension, Tightness, Terror: Feds Demand Customer Lists From Storable Food Facility

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Source: oathkeepers.org

Stewart Rhodes is not pulling his punches. His two latest appearances on the Alex Jones show are as explosive as old dynamite in a hot shed in summertime down South. But it is to be expected that when a dying world ignites into totalitarian police-state tyranny amid countless brushfires of resistance around the world, some few brave and visionary individuals inevitably rise to the surface and speak for human dignity.

Both Stewart Rhodes and Alex Jones are of that stripe. Together they give an animated voice to the vision of individual liberty, of freedom for the common man, freedom for everyone. As Alex Jones has for many years used the technique of exposure, doing his work on film, on tv, and over the air waves, Stewart Rhodes followed his own vision through the filter of Constitutional law. Both doctrines are now fluxed and ready for fusion, and our dear old Uncle Fedgov Sam is stomping the billows to spread the heat atomic citizen in the body-politic of a prophesied Pax American Empire. Alex and Stewart together really stir molten metal in reality’s crucible in a fast-paced info-packed discourse accented with knowledge of legal history which is bonded to, and blended nicely with, up to the minute analysis of current trends in policy.

Patriots shall war-yell the numbers 93-to-07 like revolutionary quarter-backs calling the next play. The NDAA is now visible as the proper and hoped-for metamorphosis of, every graduated stage of development of, every major legislation belched forth from Congress since Waco, Texas in 1993 and Oklahoma City’s bombing in 1995. The NDAA declares America to be another battlefield in the global war on terror. A statist and globalist dream come true, this bill will pit America’s military against American citizens here on our own American soil. Conspiracy Theorists may all go back to sleep now, or join me at the Saloon for a last toast to freedom, which is now fading fast into history’s frozen, static fold. Our work is done, and fortune’s finger of fate shall engrave in dust the nature of our days and all done therein. Whether we sowed well or carelessly, time itself shall speak into the sweet soft ears of our innocent grandchildren.

As Bob Dylan says, “It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.”

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