Ron Paul Bombs The Establishment

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hiroshima atomic bomb

hiroshima atomic bomb

This one ad is capable, in my opinion, of destroying each and every competing Presidential candidate who have all been promoting the statist memes and lies which are destroying our nation. Only Ron Paul opposes their massive lie, and now his Revolution PAC has launched a very explosive tool which will be a reality explosion as Ron Paul invites home to the American people the sordid faces of Wall Street and Washington DC connivance, greed, and massive war crimes.

As Don Doig, co-founder of FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association), stated it to his email list –

“Boy, Revolution PAC is not pussy footing around… edgy, radical, youth-oriented, professional production.”

Behold the power:

I agree with Brother Don Doig. This video plays to the truth which has been hidden at the heart of the matter of foreign policy since 1947 in the USA, and since the mid-1800s Opium Wars under Lord Palmerston in England.

The British Throne used the British Navy to force China to take British shiploads of opium as a way to retrieve spent silver the British East India Company had paid for tea and silk for European markets. England literally attacked China when China tried to forbid British ships to unload their opium at Shanghai and Canton.

In the more recent half century since the CIA was created (1947) American “foreign policy” has largely been illegal, criminal, and has been kept secret from the American people by a complicit majority of the American media and press. (Not all the media and press, just most of them.) But the Internet has opened the floodgates in ways not foreseen by the power elite for whom all national Intelligence agencies around the world work (think: ISI in Pakistan; MOSSAD in Israel; MI-6 in England; CIA in USA — as Webster Tarpley notes, they all provide “services” for the power elite).

A truth which has been buried for half a century can be quite distasteful when discovered by those who have been deceived. In this case it is the ultimate blowback. The Ron Paul campaign is appealing to America’s youth to join him in exposing the secret wars of the CIA, conducted mercilessly in the interest of American and International corporations while using this nation’s military to police their world-wide trade lanes and control belligerent nation-states. In the days of British opium smuggling into China, China would be described by British foreign policy as “belligerent”.

The brilliance in what this video reveals is that it is true in terms of the human heart. It is an appeal to the highest Christian value, to the highest Buddhist value, to the highest moral value of every philosophy and religious vision — that new commandment left to the world by Jesus Christ, “that ye love one another”. This video provides the context for all Americans to see the immorality of America’s post-WWII so-called “wars” both overt and covert, and it explains what Ron Paul alludes to when he says we’ve been over there“.

It is the same as if China had done it to Texas, once the public mind is freed to actually grasp the moral meaning in what our foreign policy has done behind our backs to some six million peasants around the world. If that statement is hard to accept, this from former CIA big gun John Stockwell should dispel all doubts –

Nobody knows about war like our troops who fight them and Veterans who have had time to reflect upon them. This is why our troops overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. They’ve been there. They know. They have learned how to honor their Oath by supporting the one voice for sanity in American government, Ron Paul.


Elias Alias

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