VIDEO: Electronic Martin Luther? Mike Mozart and His Anti-SOPA Rant Damages Censorship Push

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Jeepers Media is the brainchild of Mike Mozart, a 20-year toy product designer and book illustrator. Simply put, there are a myriad of horrible candies and toys out there…and he owns one or more of every single one of them. He plans to make a toy museum someday with the best and worst toys the world has to offer. Has to be seen to be believed. Mike looks like Al from Toy Story 2, which he has acknowledged. – TV Tropes

Dominant Social Theme: A man who looks like a character from “Toy Story 2” sets the Internet world ablaze – and may help sink the Internet censorship SOPA bill now pending in Congress. This is merely coincidence!

Free-Market Analysis: A guy with a funny hat and an even funnier delivery seems to have delivered a potentially lethal blow to SOPA’s insane censorship. Is that possible? In this era of the Internet, we would argue it is.

SOPA, of course, is the Stop Online Piracy Act. Business Insider tells us that SOPA is a “blacklist bill” because it would allow the U.S. government and private corporations to create a blacklist of censored websites, and cut many more off from their ad networks and payment providers.

The US attorney general would be able to stop websites from being listed by search sites like Google. The bill could also empower the AG to ban payment processors like Visa from doing business with SOPA sites. “SOPA only allows targeted sites five days to submit an appeal. That doesn’t leave much time for them to defend themselves before losing their site and their revenue altogether.”

While Business Insider believes SOPA to be a “well-intentioned” bill, here at the Daily Bell we think no such thing. We believe there is a power elite that wants to run the world (formally) and is doing everything it can to centralize power. The Internet – a mistake of massive proportions, from the point of view of the Anglosphere power elite – stands in their way.

And so they attack, and try to cause it to malfunction. What cannot be attacked shall be banned, if possible. SOPA is a manifestation of this latter determination. As the Internet era eviscerates the elite’s dominant social themes, the elites themselves grow increasingly desperate and turn to legal force and military violence. We can see it happening now.

We have compared the Internet to the Gutenberg Press and made many predictions in this past decade that the arc of the battle between the tip-top elite and everybody else would be just as massive and prolonged (relatively speaking) as it was 500 years ago.

Then, the Gutenberg Press was a prime mover for the Renaissance and rediscovery of science. After that, we believe the elites of the day counterattacked and created first the Reformation and the Enlightenment. These were attempts at harnessing the power of the Gutenberg Press, but they likely backfired and made it even harder for the elites to regain control.

Eventually, the great families of the day seem to have found it prudent to withdraw from the scene and gradually the paradigm of royalty was done away with. In its place, they substituted “democracy.” Henceforth, the “will of the people” would decide on matters of statecraft.

Of course, no such thing has occurred. The handful of elites that control the hundreds of trillions manufactured by central banks run the world with increasing energy and malevolence, if not efficiency.

And they are determined to reach their goal of one-world government. But people like Mike Mozart keep getting in their way. Here is a man who apparently spends his time making video toy reviews for his Youtube/Internet-based media firm “JeepersMedia,” who is very sharp and was obviously made very angry by the SOPA bill.

So he did a video about SOPA. In it he points out that the same corporations behind SOPA actually distributed the piracy software that SOPA is supposed to eradicate! This means that if SOPA is passed, those corporations may be sued for damages. CBS is perhaps the biggest offender, he says.

Mike Mozart backs up his perceptions with plenty of obvious documentation. He is just one man, but his YouTube video has gone viral – and it is so big that the powers-that-be probably fear removing it at this point. It’s got up to a million views we know of, and probably more. Companies backing SOPA seem to be hastily disavowing it, as fast as they can. Congressional critters are distancing themselves.

You could say that Mozart is a kind of Martin Luther as regards the fight over Internet censorship. Like Martin Luther who nailed his theses to the church door, with one YouTube video Mozart may have helped changed the world. For now anyway.

We should note, by the way, that we don’t for a moment think that a bunch of corporate types sat down at a conference table – electronically or otherwise – and decided to create piracy in order to take over the Internet via US congressional legislation. No, this is something that comes from a higher place, in our view.

This smacks of elite chicanery. This is the way “they” work. They set up the conditions for authoritarian legislation and war and then, having created the seeming need, they pass laws and enforce them at the barrel of a gun. History is made. Directed history. Their bought-and-paid-for media wordsmiths and publishers then write history to conform to the larger narrative.

As we understand copyright was an invention of those who wanted to slow the spread of information that resulted from the Gutenberg Press. Here’s Wikipedia: “Copyright was invented after the advent of the printing press and with wider public literacy … Charles II of England was concerned by the unregulated copying of books and passed the Licensing Act of 1662 by Act of Parliament, which established a register of licensed books and required a copy to be deposited with the Stationers Company.”

Nothing much changes! These people at the very top of society are not so imaginative after all! Thanks to the Internet we can see the creeping, hypocritical authoritarianism in action. Anyone with open eyes can see it. Whether it is the “war on terror” or global warming or “Fast and Furious,” the development is the same. Create the problem and then “solve it.” Frighten people with false memes and then offer them government/globalist solutions.

This is the THIRD overt instance that we know of in the past few months whereby this paradigm reveals itself in all its dishonest glory. Mike Mozart may believe this is some sort of corporate trick, but it goes far deeper than that.

The Internet Reformation itself is proving now more amenable to ongoing control than the initial one, in our view. Of course, SOPA may still pass and the Internet may grow a good deal less free as a result. But in the long run, we don’t think what’s going on now will be easily damped.

During the era of the Gutenberg Press, wars exploded mysteriously. The weirdest one was the 30 year Peasant War. And Britain for a while actually lost its monarchy. The New World was “discovered” – and spun out of control as well.

Convulsive changes took place as the elite lost some of its control and was forced, the way we see it, to take a step back. Maybe the same thing will happen this time round – no matter what they do or try. You can see the video here:

(From JeepersMedia’s YouTube user channel.)

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