Karen Kwiatkowski: Defending The Documents

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Source: oathkeepers.org

US Air Force Lt. Col. (ret.) Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D

US Air Force Lt. Col. (ret.) Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D

Defending The Documents

Rising on the political battlefield in defense of our treasured founding documents are several very noteworthy candidates. Leading the charge to defend American values and culture under the rule of law in the race for the White House is the most widely known defender of the U.S. Constitution, Dr. Ron Paul, about whom much good can be said.

But Dr. Ron Paul is joined in 2012 by a Congressional candidate,  a Gubernatorial candidate, and a Lt. Governor candidate. The four are on the front lines in leadership roles in the fight to restore our Constitutional Republic at the Executive, Congressional, and State levels.

Because most political candidates unconsciously reveal their utter lack of Constitutional knowledge, we feel especially blessed any time a true Constitutionalist steps up to the plate and goes to bat for the Founding Documents.  As today’s Firefighters, Peace Officers, and Soldiers struggle to make sense of a senseless government gone berserk, we all appreciate every blessing a Constitution-minded patriot brings to the political arena.

Because Oath Keepers often publishes articles by or about Ron Paul, we’ll offer him a passing salute and focus on three other candidates who meet with our approval.  In a recent article I introduced our readers to Montana Gubernatorial candidate Robert T. Fanning and his running-mate who is seeking the Lt. Governor seat, the widely-known and distinguished liberty fighter Dr. Chuck Baldwin.

While the Fanning/Baldwin ticket is fascinating in Montana politics and will certainly carry national import as well, and while many readers here at Oath Keepers already are familiar with her work, it is now my pleasure to introduce  another patriot with powerful appeal in the American liberty movement.

For those who do not know about Karen Kwiatkowski, I’ll just suggest that libertarians and Constitutionalists are sure to love her tenacious belief in personal freedom, Austrian economics, and a reduced, if not completely dis-empowered, central government. Briefly:

Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., is a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. and author who is now running for Congress in Virginia. Dr. Kwiatkowski is keenly perceptive in Constitutional studies and in the philosophy of freedom as written into the Constitution. I have enjoyed her writings for years and always look forward to her next article.

As a retired Air Force officer Karen Kwiatkowski has demonstrated great patriotic courage in speaking out for justice in the administration of governance by government at all levels. She also has an established track record for fighting the good fight, appearing in films, lecturing, and doing interviews in addition to being a prolific writer. She brings dignity to grass-roots activism and is a delightful philosopher with a knack for “saying it like it is, but in new ways”.

Now she is running for Congress and could use some support from all over America. As is the case with Ron Paul, Robert Fanning, and Chuck Baldwin, Karen Kwiatkowski is a strong and brave officer on the front lines in the battle to save our Republic.

Learn more about Karen Kwiatkowski at her campaign website, — http://karenkforcongress.com/ — where I found the following video, “One Hundred Million Dollar Penny”.

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