Barack Obama & the UNFPA: Two Sides Of The Same Coin in China

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Steven Mosher, founder and president of the Population Research Institute put out a video in June of 2010, exposing the UN-endorsed depopulation policies in China that, as Mosher explains, “continue to this day.”

After the Bush administration in 2001 decided to cut US government funding for the United Nations Population Fund’s China program, the Obama administration has reinvigorated the pockets of the United Nations Population Fund with fresh federal funding. Even though many investigations exposed the UNFPA’s intimate involvement in China’s coercive birth control policies, the Obama administration apparently cares not, as it allocated $50 million to the eugenicists.

Only days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama announced he would resume funding for the UNFPA and its ‘family planning’ activities in China and elsewhere around the globe. State Department spokesman Robert Wood explained the allocation with the following argumentation:

“The United States is a global leader in promoting voluntary family planning and the health of vulnerable women and children in the developing world.”

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