G Radio Discontinued

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The G Radio project has been a multi-year endeavor that has been a great overall experience for SMi. The main reasons why we decided to scrap the project are as follows:

It never had enough listeners or donations to be considered even a medium-sized station. Even after years and years of broadcasting, It had somehow managed to stay small, most of the time. If this project had found some way to make our audience big enough to pay for themselves we would have had an easier time paying hosting bills and licence fees.

The current state of Internet Radio. With the way the industry is currently set up, small radio broadcasters like us are being asked to pay licence fees that are so high that most normal people like us can’t afford to maintain unless you have no other bills. For more info read this post, as well as this post from the shoutCAST forum. to get more details about the different licences and their fees.


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