Shilajit heavy metals test results released by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center: HealthForce shows by far the highest in lead and aluminum among brands tested

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The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has just published heavy metals tests results for eight of the most popular brands of Shilajit, a black tar-like substance that oozes out from between the rocks of mountains. See published results here. Many U.S. dietary supplement consumers are eating Shilajit without having any clue whatsoever about its composition.

In a previous Natural News article, I warned about high levels of lead and aluminum in a HealthForce Shilajit product (plus lower levels of arsenic, copper and other elements). Since that time, I also learned that the founder and formulator of HealthForce, a natural medicine pioneer named Jameth Sheridan, passed away six months ago, reportedly from disease of the kidneys. The HealthForce company, it turns out, had conspired to cover up the death of their own founder and prevent their customers from learning this fact. The day after my article appeared on Natural News, the HealthForce company announced it had suddenly learned about the death of their founder, and they were shocked and heartbroken. (Yes, we’re all supposed to believe they had no idea Jameth Sheridan died six months ago… and that they first learned about it from Natural News.)

What follows here are data produced via ICP-MS analysis in my laboratory, Consumer Wellness Center Labs (, which is an internationally accredited, ISO-17025 laboratory. What these data show are a very wide range of lead and aluminum composition among competing brands of Shilajit. (For the record, I do not sell Shilajit, and I will never sell Shjilajit because I don’t think it’s a safe supplement to sell to the public. Many Shilajit supplements have been banned in Canada and other countries, by the way.)

All numbers are in parts per billion (ppb). It takes 1,000 ppb to equal 1 ppm. Here are the brands whose products were tested:

Shilajit Supreme (HealthForce)
Shilajit Powder (Ojio)
Authentic Shilajit (Lotus Blooming Herbs)
Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex (Jarrow Formulas)
Shilajit Powder (The Right Herb Company)
Shilajit (Vitajing Herbs)
High Mountain Shilajit (Dragon Herbs)
Shilajit (Pure Himalayan)

To find out how many micrograms, milligrams or grams of lead or aluminum you would be consuming with these products, you can use the online Heavy Metals Calculator at CWC Labs.

Heavy metals limits and published standards (including Prop 65 limits) are found at this link.

Aluminum results (ppb) published by the Consumer Wellness Center

Shilajit Supreme (HealthForce) = 1303344 ppb
Shilajit Powder (Ojio) = 66019 ppb
Authentic Shilajit (Lotus Blooming Herbs) = 122521 ppb
Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex (Jarrow Formulas) = 18952 ppb
Shilajit Powder (The Right Herb Company) = 24811 ppb
Shilajit (Vitajing Herbs) = 31040 ppb
High Mountain Shilajit (Dragon Herbs) = 1188975 ppb
Shilajit (Pure Himalayan) = 511910 ppb

Lead results (ppb) published by the Consumer Wellness Center

Shilajit Supreme (HealthForce) = 2814 ppb
Shilajit Powder (Ojio) = 70 ppb
Authentic Shilajit (Lotus Blooming Herbs) = 396 ppb
Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex (Jarrow Formulas) = 414 ppb
Shilajit Powder (The Right Herb Company) = 97 ppb
Shilajit (Vitajing Herbs) = 141 ppb
High Mountain Shilajit (Dragon Herbs) = 1561 ppb
Shilajit (Pure Himalayan) = 1134 ppb

In terms of lead, the cleanest products tested were from Ojio and The Right Herb Company.

Interpreting the numbers

What’s clear from these data is that HealthForce Shilajit contains by far the highest level of lead compared to all other brands tested, nearly doubling the next highest level. HealthForce Shilajit is also significantly higher in aluminum than all other brands tested, delivering an astonishing 1303 ppm of aluminum (or over 1 part per thousand!).

Eating Shilajit from HealthForce apparently involves eating a very high concentration of aluminum. Keep in mind that many of the very same people who consume HealthForce products are those who decry aluminum in vaccines and aluminum in “chemtrails.” Most of these people won’t dare use antiperspirants containing aluminum, yet they are eating huge concentrations of aluminum that oozes out from mountain rocks. (Just WOW.)

The recommended serving size for HealthForce Shilajit is 940 mg (two capsules). When you multiply that serving size by the lead content using my online heavy metals calculator, you discover that you’re eating 2.65 micrograms of lead per day, or almost a full milligram of lead over the course of a year from this product alone.

HealthForce has a long history of deliberate deception in its attempts to tell customers heavy metals don’t matter. This is entirely consistent with the company’s recent conspiracy to cover up the death of its own founder, a person who is widely known throughout the industry to use raw materials from China, where heavy metals contamination of natural products is very high. Other products from HealthForce also test much higher in lead than most other brands, including their spirulina and Vitamineral Green products.

Out of this list, I personally would not consume any product with a lead concentration higher than 100 ppb. A low lead number can only be achieved in two ways:

1) Sourcing cleaner raw materials.

2) “Cutting” the raw materials with cleaner material to reduce the resulting concentration.

Thus, it’s impossible to know whether the “low lead” Shilajit products in this list are actually cleaner raw materials or are perhaps mixed with other materials during manufacturing.

I have also found, through experience, that nearly none of the natural product companies in America systematically test their products for heavy metals. Truly, most companies in this industry have absolutely no idea what they’re selling in terms of elemental composition. This should be a huge red flag for health product consumers.

Unscrupulous sellers deny the toxicity of lead, sounding a whole lot like Monsanto denying the toxicity of GMOs

To those Table of Elements Denialists who claim heavy metals are good for you, here’s how to get educated and protect yourself from the charlatans:

INDUSTRY IN DENIAL: Health Ranger warns about the massive heavy metals poisoning problem in the dietary supplements industry.

Eating heavy metals more dangerous to your health than SMOKING: Watch this urgent presentation (it could save you from EARLY DEATH).

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