Skill with Handling Guns Has Nothing to Do with Defense of the Right to Own Them

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“Jason Kander releases two blockbuster ads, putting Roy Blunt to shame,” the Daily Kos gushes.  “Kander puts his opponent, Republican Sen. Roy Blunt to shame on attacks Blunt has made over terrorism and guns.”

In one, Missouri Democrat Senate candidate Kander assembles a rifle blindfolded.

He supported Second Amendment when in the legislature, Kander claims. But he also supports “background checks. And he’d like to see Blunt put a gun together with as much skill as he does.

Yeah, Kander’s good at that, but he’s got a curious way of showing support for the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Because he voted against a bill “that lowers the minimum age for a concealed weapon permit, allows deadly force in instances of private property protection, and allows concealed firearms in any higher education institution.”

As for background checks, no less a source than the National Institute of Justice has admitted “Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchases, requiring gun registration…”

The second ad spotlight’s Kander’s foreign military service and cites “unprecedented challenges and threats to our country …  because this fight’s here at home.”

Knowing that, it’s fair to ask why Kander “voiced support for elements of President Obama’s executive amnesty program and has been a vocal opponent of immigration enforcement measures in the past.”  Does he really believe it’s a good idea to allow foreigners to enter the country – “legally” and illegally – including from areas of the world hostile to the U.S.? Especially when many are undocumented, and for those who are, the documentation is hardly comprehensive?

That certainly will cause the “fight here at home” to heat up. Especially when the “pathway to citizenship” creates a Democrat supermajority, allowing the collectivists to pass any gun law they like, and appoint judges who will uphold them.

Here’s the thing – just because Kander is skilled with a rifle doesn’t mean he’s committed to the uninfringed right of the people to keep and bear arms. Clearly he’s not. If knowing your way around a weapon is what we’re asked to go by, Lon Horiuchi used to be considered a pretty good shot – at least until that one time he missed.

And if the object is to take skills learned in foreign battlefields to enhance domestic security against terror, how importing populations inimical to Liberty values and then seeding/embedding them throughout the Republic will achieve that is left unexplained.

We’ve seen time and again military men who have proven their valor in the field fall short when it comes to applying their energies toward government adherence to the Constitution. By the same token, plenty of Oath Keepers have sacrificed and served with distinction, and they can put a rifle together while blindfolded as well.  And none of them have felt compelled to turn their backs on that which they swore an oath to defend in order to pursue political power.

Putting guns together while blindfolded is not the issue – dismantling freedom with eyes wide open is.


Putting guns together while blindfolded is not the issue –dismantling freedom with eyes wide open is. (Photo: Missourians for Kander YouTube screen capture)

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