‘Hillary health trutherism’ accusation collapses as the conspiracy theories turn out to be TRUE… HuffPost, WashPost, MSNBC, CNN all looking STUPID beyond belief…

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Source: naturalnews.com

For months, any writer, blogger or news publisher who dared talk about Hillary Clinton’s collapsing health was denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” or “Hillary health truther.” The strategy is obvious by now: The wholly dishonest and deceitful liberal media was trying to force people to stop discussing Hillary’s collapsing health condition by shaming people into not wanting to appear as “kooks” or “wing nuts.”

But as even Jimmy Kimmel — the propagandist-in-chief of the lying liberal regime — had to admit on his show Wednesday night, “You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”

It turns out that all of us in the independent media were the only ones who were correct about Hillary’s health. That’s why we are the real press these days, and the so-called “mainstream media” is the laughing stock of the world. You can never be quite sure that something’s true until CNN denounces it as false.

All the morons at HuffPost, WashPost, NYT, MCNBC, CNN, etc., who said Hillary’s health problems were a “conspiracy theory” are now eating crow. Yet you’ll notice that none of them retract their original accusations. Often, they double down, claiming ridiculous things like “Hillary looks GREAT!” (Yeah, when she’s got three people holding her up because she can’t even stand on her own two feet…)

Struck with a new time-traveling disease called “Retroactive Pneumonia”

Now, we’re supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have severe neurological problems. Instead, we are told she was struck with a time-traveling disease called “Retroactive Pneumonia” which traveled back in time and infected Hillary last Friday. (But we didn’t find out until Monday, after the pneumonia excuse was convenient.)

We’re also told that Hillary’s entire staff was also infected with time-traveling Retroactive Pneumonia, which of course explains why Hillary caught it, too. So all the video of Hillary’s campaign staff looking healthy and alert on Saturday and Sunday doesn’t count, you see. That’s all a conspiracy theory. The REAL story, we’re told, is that they were all really, really sick with Retroactive Pneumonia.

Notably, we weren’t told any of this last Friday, or even Saturday. This diagnosis only magically appeared after Hillary’s dramatic neurological collapse was caught on film Sunday:

As Breitbart.com editor Joel Pollack reports, Hillary Clinton ‘Health Conspiracy’ Turns Out to Be Real.

Here’s part of that Breitbart.com post:

For several weeks, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her allies in the mainstream media claimed that any concerns about her health were mere conspiracy theories.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel even mocked those concerns in late August by having the former Secretary of State open a pickle jar on his desk. She used that appearance to dismiss any health concerns as “part of the wacky strategy, just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you.”

Ari Rabin-Havt (who once falsely accused this author of being a Birther) mocked what he called “Hillary health trutherism,” likening it to the Birther conspiracy theories about Barack Obama. On Aug. 21, he wrote: “Like the birthers of the Obama era, Hillary health truthers base their accusations on a convoluted mix of conspiracy theories, exaggerations and outright lies that forces believers to willfully ignore any evidence to the contrary while twisting themselves into logical pretzels.”

Melissa Jeltsen, senior reporter for the Huffington Post, wrote on Aug. 26 that those raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health were simply misogynists: “The subtext of the rumors spouted by Trump and his crew of armchair doctors is clear: Clinton is biologically unfit to lead. She’s a woman, after all … Let’s get real: The wild conspiracy theories around Clinton’s health are a convenient way to mask misogyny inside “legitimate” medical concerns … That’s sexism, plain and simple.”

Comedian Sarah Silverman was more direct, saying that those questioning Hillary Clinton’s health were “f–king assholes.”

Now that Clinton has been forced to take several days off the campaign trail after collapsing at the 9/11 Memorial on Sunday in New York, the truth is beginning to emerge: she has major health issues that even her supporters have long noticed.

Some in the media, like Vox, still cling to the hope that it is all a conspiracy theory.

But even Jimmy Kimmel had to admit Wednesday night: “You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”

Read more daily news about Hillary Clinton’s health collapse at Breitbart.com.

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