This conference answers: ‘What can we do?’

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A lot of those “one vote changed everything” lists simply aren’t accurate. Online references debunk often-repeated claims that one vote brought Texas into the U.S., one vote gave Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party and Oliver Cromwell took control of England by one vote.

But here’s one that’s not: In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, by the accumulated power of one vote in about 11,000, President Bush won Florida over Al Gore, and ultimately became president of the United States,

Which proves that, yes, even one vote can change the direction of a state or a country.

And that’s what “The Power of One” theme at the Breaking the Silence conference beginning Aug. 21 in Colorado Springs is about.

Hosted by pastor Mark Cowart at the Church For All Nations, the conference notes, “One degree changes hot to boiling, one point decides victory or defeat, one second separates life from death, one person determines the course of history.”

Speakers will include a who’s who of evangelical leaders in America who are working to answer the question facing Christians: “What can we do?”

Cowart will will be joined by Andrew Wommack of Charis Bible College, David Barton of WallBuilders and retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, the executive vice president of Family Research Council.

Also, former jihadist Kamal Saleem, the author of “The Blood of Lambs”; Dabbie Chaves of Colorado Family Action; historian and author William Federer; religion and culture expert Alex McFarland; Next Generation leader Tiffany Pastor; Security strategist John Guandolo, historian Tim Barton, missions strategist Howard Foltz; Alive ministries founder Douglas Small; FRC National Field Director Randy Wilson; South Carolina Republican Party executive Chad Connelly; Father Andrew Kimberling and others.

“This is no regular conference,” promoters explained. “It was birthed in 2015 from the heart of asking the correct question: ‘What can we do?’ With a powerful lineup of speakers who love this country, you will leave this conference refreshed and inspired. You will learn about our nation’s heritage, have a better understanding of God’s plan for America, and leave with tangible things that you can do to make a difference.”

Online signup is available now.

Cowart, the host, is senior pastor of Church For All Nations, which has multiple sites. He’s been in full-time ministry for 32 years.

The events begin Sunday and run through Wednesday.


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