NavyJack – Another Victim of Black Lives Matter, This Time It’s One of Their Own

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A tragic story is unfolding in Baltimore County. It is a story of the death of a 23 year old black woman, Korryn Gaines, consumed by the hate and fear generated by the Black Lives Matter movement. On Monday she decided to face down a Baltimore County SWAT Team with a shotgun rather than to be served with an arrest warrant. She is now dead and her 5 year old son is wounded as a result of the confrontation.

The incident started on Monday morning around 9:20AM when three officers with the Baltimore County police arrived at Korryn Gaines’s apartment to serve warrants to her and a man who resided there.  Korryn Gaines had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court in March.  The man was wanted on an assault charge.

The police stated that initially no one responded to 10 minutes of door knocking, even though they could hear several people inside. When officers obtained a key to the apartment, they found Gaines sitting on the floor with her 5-year-old son, holding a shotgun.

After nearly 6 hours of negotiation, Ms. Gaines raised the shotgun at the officers and told them that she would kill them if they did not leave. Based not only on her actions, but also on the words she used, the officers fired one round at her.  She in turn fired several rounds back. The officers returned fire, striking and killing her. Her 5 year old son was struck by one round.  The man being sought fled the home with a 1-year-old child, but was later taken into police custody.

Without hesitation and without any regard for the facts of the case, Black Lives Matter advocates took to the Internet to protest the shooting of Ms. Gaines. Shaun King, a popular Black Lives Matter activist, explained to his followers how she would still be alive if she were white under the same circumstances. He promoted a false narrative that Ms. Gaines had been repeatedly harassed by the police and that her fear, driving her to load and point a shotgun at the officers, was the result of these encounters.

""The truth of the matter is somewhat different. The incidents that Ms. Gaines complained about are posted to her social media accounts with narrative descriptions that do not hold up once the videos are actually watched. In each case discussed, it is clearly Ms. Gaines that escalates the situation. She becomes combative in what appears to be an intentional attempt to cause the officers to react to her and her threatening statements.  In each case the police officers are professional, courteous and attempt to deescalate the situation. After reviewing the videos that Ms. Gaines cites as evidence for her traumatization, it is crystal clear that she is misrepresenting the actions of the officers in order to gain acceptance within the Black Lives Matter movement.

With the death of Ms. Gaines, the Black Lives Matter movement has claimed yet another victim. This time it is not five police officers protecting their right to protest, as was the case in Dallas. It is not three officers being ambushed in Baton Rouge, LA. This time it is one of their own. A believer that used her cell phone and her 5 year old son to document interactions with police to achieve acceptance by the movement. Based on the outrage as a result of her death, it appears that Ms. Gaines has achieved this goal.


NavyJack – Another Victim of Black Lives Matter, This Time It’s One of Their Own

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