Ohio Cop: You Stood Up There And Took An Oath

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Source: oathkeepers.org

Ohio Cop’s Outrage Goes Viral: ‘You Stood Up There and Took an Oath’

An emotional video posted to Facebook on Wednesday by an Ohio police officer has gone viral after she vented her outrage about a recent police shooting, demanding that police officers with racist sentiments stop patrolling in neighborhoods that contain people of color.



nakia-jones-coeddotcomElias Alias Note: This article was published on July 08, 2016, and updated on July 09 2016 at this link —


I am proud of this woman officer, and I am proud to recommend her to Oath Keepers national leadership for consideration as a candidate for a national award as Police Officer of the Year for 2016.  Below is a brief excerpt from the article which features her video presentation.

Nakia Jones, Thank you sincerely for moral and spiritual uprightness and for setting an example for all police officers across this vast land. Your personal courage and dignity is a credit to all police, and a reminder to all to honor their Oaths.


Elias Alias, editor




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