This Video Will Stop Gun Control – If It Goes Viral

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Kit Daniels, of Infowars, has a good video interview at a Houston, Texas, gun range offering free CHL classes to members of the LGBT community that was overwhelmed by the response, and the manager reveals how to win over millions of people into supporting the Second Amendment:

Adan Salazar, also of InfoWars, has a companion piece to go with it:

Gun Range Selling Out Free Concealed Handgun Courses For LGBT

by Adan Salazar

A Texas firing range offering free concealed handgun courses to members of the LGBT community has had to open several new classes after being inundated with requests for lessons.

Owners of the Shiloh Gun Range on the outskirts of Houston say they’re doing their part to ensure their fellow Americans have the means to protect themselves following the tragedy that struck Orlando over the weekend.

Originally dedicating two days toward free classes, the gun range announced via Facebook Wednesday that “due to overwhelming demand” Shiloh Shooting would be offering additional classes.

“Please call us,” a recent Facebook post reads, “as we can’t access our voicemail due to the volume of calls and our email server has crashed due to the number of emails. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for all your support!!!”

Read more here.

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