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Source: oathkeepers.org

The following video, by Black Pigeon Speaks, is an interesting one, for it asks us “What are Western Values?” What are values? What is the basis of these values? And most importantly, how are certain groups tearing down our system of values, creating a strange homogenization of superficial beliefs/values that change constantly. James Jaeger, in his movie Cultural Marxism, speaks of the destruction of America, and Western Civilization, through the destruction of societal values/beliefs. What is marriage? What is “normalcy”? Everything is being attacked; free speech, freedom of religion, but most of all, the freedom to be an individual, and to decide the course of one’s life.

Do we, as westerners/Americans, still hold the value/belief in the basic human right to be an individual? Feminists, Social Justice warriors, LGBT activists, and other groups decry the whiteness of America. They proclaim men are evil, particularly if they are white. What response is there from the Mainstream Media (MSM)? Is there outrage at such ridiculous thinking? Is there even dismissal of such ridiculousness? No, for the MSM, along with the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are the very ones promoting the Cultural Marxism we are being inundated with. It is all an attempt to destroy the individual and to promote in its place, Group-Think, or Collectivist thinking, where the individual is considered only as a member of the collective, and must be a part of that collective or be reeducated or eliminated. This is what we face. Collectivism is the enemy, regardless of whether it comes from the so-called Right or Left, for both sides of the meaningless political spectrum are promoting Collectivism, with the minor differences promoted being unimportant, if the goal remains Collectivism.

The video gives us food for thought. Who are we? What are our values? What do we stand for?


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