Hillary ekes out razor-thin win in Kentucky

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Source: wnd.com

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in yet another round of primaries Tuesday in Kentucky and Oregon – just one week after the Vermont socialist dealt Clinton a stinging loss in West Virginia.

Sanders won Oregon, and Clinton barely eked out a razor-thin win in Kentucky, where NBC News dubbed her the “apparent winner.” With 99 percent reporting in Kentucky, she won 46.8 percent to Sanders’ 46.3 percent. Each candidate received 25 delegates. NBC noted that its “apparent winner” designation only sticks if there isn’t a recount or more precise official tallies determine otherwise.

The Los Angeles Times noted, “Although Clinton appears to have eked out a narrow victory, state election officials won’t certify final results for some time. Which candidate actually won, however, will have no significant impact on the race for delegates to the Democratic convention this summer.”

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver called the Kentucky outcome “essentially a tie in a state they dominated last time.”

Also on Tuesday came news of Democrat voters’ pick for Clinton’s vice president: Sanders (36 percent). Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in second place (13 percent).

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Clinton had the advantage leading up to the primaries, according to polls in both Kentucky and Oregon. But on Tuesday, Sanders added Oregon to his list of recent victories.

Going into Tuesday’s primaries, Clinton had 2,240 delegates (143 shy of the number needed to clinch the nomination), and Sanders had 1,473. To win the Democrat nomination, a candidate must reach 2,383.

Dem-delegates-5-18Republicans also held a primary in Oregon on Tuesday, and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump won most of the state’s 28 delegates, which are allotted proportionally. Leading up to the primary, Trump had 1,143 delegates, just 94 shy of the 1,237 needed to win the nomination.

The next GOP primary will take place in Washington state on May 24. Democrats and Republicans will hold another major round of primaries on June 7, which includes the following states: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and North Dakota (Democrats).

Results will be updated below as they come in.

Kentucky (Democrats)

55 delegates allotted proportionally

With 99.8 percent reporting: 

Clinton: 46.8 percent (25 delegates)

Sanders: 46.3 percent (25 delegates)


Oregon (Democrats)

61 delegates allotted proportionally

With 60 percent reporting: 

Sanders: 53 percent

Clinton: 47 percent

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

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