Bernie smokes Hillary in 20th primary victory

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Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton must be boiling mad under that billowing pantsuit, because Sen. Bernie Sanders refuses to step aside and let her lock up the party’s nomination.

In fact, Sanders dealt her another stinging loss in West Virginia’s Democratic Party primary Tuesday.

The state represents Clinton’s third straight loss, and her 20th loss to Sanders.

One in three Democrat voters in West Virginia said they’d vote for GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump over Hillary, according to Fox News’ exit polls.

Fox News’ Brit Hume said, “This night, in more than one respect, is all about [Hillary’s] weakness as a candidate.”

Clinton entered the Tuesday primaries with 2,228 delegates to Sanders’ 1,454. She needs 155 more to claim the Democratic Party nomination.

Dem-delegates5-9Upon hearing news of Sanders’ latest victory, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus issued the following statement:

“It’s nothing short of embarrassing that Hillary Clinton has now been defeated twenty times by a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont, and for the second straight week lost a state she carried in 2008. Setbacks this late into the primary calendar show her long track record of dishonesty and hypocrisy continues to alienate large swathes of Democrat voters. Whether it’s her vows to decimate the coal industry, the FBI’s investigation into her reckless conduct as secretary of state, or her support for a left-wing majority on the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton has shown she is incapable of delivering the leadership our country desperately needs.”

West Virginia offered 29 delegates and eight super delegates for Democrats and 34 delegates for Republicans.

Tuesday’s Nebraska primary was for Republicans only, and Trump collected the state’s 36 delegates. The state held its Democratic Party caucuses March 5, and Sanders won 14 pledged delegates. Clinton took 10. Clinton won Nebraska’s primary Tuesday, but the victory doesn’t come with any delegates.

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders

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