Is this man positioning to be Trump’s running mate?

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If Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination for president, just whom will he select to run with him as vice president on the GOP ticket?

Reports from various media in the New York region suggest New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a strong possibility, given his growing role within the Trump campaign in recent days.

“Christie is clearly making the transition from endorser to enabler and positioning himself to be a major player in the Trump camp,” presidential historian David M. Kennedy told

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And Edward “Ted” Newton, who led Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential vetting process on Christie in 2012, added that being Trump’s debate coach indicates his standing has risen tremendously.

“Leading the debate prep, as Christie has, or the VP candidate search, as Dick Cheney did, fosters a strong relationship and a great level of trust,” Newton said.

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“It’s natural for that person to see themselves becoming a potential running mate.”

The initial report from prompted a follow-up by the New York Post, which splashed a headline this weekend stating: “Chris Christie positions himself to be Trump’s running mate.”

chris-christie-donald-trump-nypost-screenshot“There’s a lot of phone conversation between the two,” the source told the Post.

Christie, who dropped out of the race after failing to gain traction among 17 original GOP presidential contenders, also arranged a conference call for Trump to talk directly to New Jersey Republican leaders and seek campaign help.

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The Post reported: “Christie confidante Bill Palatucci also sits on the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee and will be advancing and protecting The Donald’s interests within the party and at the convention. Most of Jersey’s major GOP county committees have endorsed Trump. Jersey has 52 delegates in its winner-take-all primary.”

Both the Post and noted that Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not respond to calls and emails seeking comment.

Chris Christie and Donald Trump

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