Investigation into Alleged FBI Finicum Shooting Evidence Tampering Faces Credibility Hurdles

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“Bullet casings disappear from LaVoy Finicum shooting scene, sources say,” The Oregonian is reporting. “FBI aerial surveillance video shows that before the detectives could get there, the FBI agents searched the area with flashlights and then huddled, according to law enforcement sources who have seen the video. The group then broke and one agent appeared to bend over twice and pick up something near where the two shots likely were taken…”

If confirmed, such evidence tampering at a crime scene would not just be a career-ender for those involved, it would be a crime that merits prison time. And while “Former FBI agents and criminal justice experts have said they’re baffled why elite FBI agents might hide the shots,” the incentive to engage in cover-up does not appear all that puzzling of a riddle.

The “if confirmed” is a big “if.” Being investigated by the Justice Department did not prove all that fruitful when Fast and Furious “gunwalking” was up for scrutiny. Nor did DOJ’s Office of Inspector General come up with anything of substance for an operation that has resulted in untold deaths to date, including of two federal agents, Brian Terry of the Border Patrol and Jaime Zapata of ICE.

As far as the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform go, again, what of substance was resolved? Eric Holder thumbed his nose at demands for evidence and his contempt of Congress case may as well be in limbo for all the likelihood that anything meaningful will be resolved in the courts — if and when the legal logjam is ever cleared out.

Private efforts, with whistleblowers willing to put it all on the line, seem unlikely. When those thinking of coming forward see the retaliatory smear tactics used against men like John Dodson, and the legal misconduct of ATF and DOJ against Jay Dobyns, why should they? And again, even with whistleblowers, what actually happened in Fast and Furious besides a lot of noise? As far as private investigation goes, the phrase “ongoing criminal investigation” provides all the cover the feds need to reject FOIA requests.

What once was an option – but is no more – would be a special prosecutor. But the law conveniently changed so the function now reports in to the attorney general, making an independent counsel a thing of the past. Even were that not so, with all the machinations at the highest levels of government, and all the seemingly inexplicable compromises and concessions, it’s increasingly fair to wonder if that’s attributable to big club membership or to simple blackmail.

If the complete truth of what happened ever does come out, will it be for noble reasons, because it’s the right thing to do? Or will it be because those revealing it face a worse personal outcome if they don’t come clean?

Simply put,  government trustworthiness is in question due to government actions and conduct.

Meanwhile, the Bundys and their followers, who harmed no one, are being treated like terrorist threats. Those sympathetic to their plight and to western land use issues, and those working toward a government of limited enumerated powers, one that exists to secure the Blessings of Liberty, are portrayed as extremists and haters.

And LaVoy Finicums’ family will be left knowing that not only was he violently terminated, but those bound by oath to uphold the Constitution are prime suspects in the cover-up of why.

Lavoy executed

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