Changing Domains

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So after being back online for a week now, I remember the rush I was in to find an alternative host, but I was not thinking about using a temporary host like I have set up here. Once I realized the necessity to create said ‘temp host’, but in my haste to create one, I ended up with the bad decision to use a domain.

For people who don’t know the problem with domains, I have a few article links that make for some interesting reading. Here is one from June with the headline ‘Google blacklisted all the domains‘ and here is one from July with a similar headline: ‘Cz.Cc Domain Blocked By Google‘. I can definitely say that this domain is being blocked by not just Google, but Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo as well.

So, the original plan was to wait for the confirmation email for the new CPanel host, which I had set up with my paid domain. I just went to there site not 2 minutes ago and it was down, but I have already found a seemingly better alternative! Until I get this newly found hosting account activated, I have already made a new account here on the ‘temp host’ with a .tk domain.

I will be moving the blog over to said new account immediately with a fresh install of WP 3.3. Since I have all of this extra work to do today, I will be refraining from adding any articles today.

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